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Did you know half of current and seeking potential residents rate multifamily building security and safety as a must-have feature? According to our Property Management Insights report, it ranks in the top three desired property features. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how smart home technology software, such as smart intercoms integrated with building access can boost property security for better protection of assets and safety for you, residents, and employees. 

What is a smart intercom?

An IoT (Internet of Things) tech-powered intercom allows multifamily property managers and residents to remotely grant access to visitors, contractors, or delivery personnel seamlessly via a mobile phone app. Meaning wherever you or your residents are, you’ll have full control over who is entering the property. 

A step-by-step guide to using PointCentral’s Intercom Takeover 

1. Setting up the intercom: PointCentral’s Intercom Takeover is a unique, software-only solution that takes no more than five minutes to set up. The property tech allows property managers to bypass the installation phase completely by upgrading the existing telephone-based intercom hardware.

Intercom Takeover is part of the Community Access solution, which streamlines access management throughout a community, including everything from perimeter entrances and common areas, as well as the residential unit.

2. Start creating smart keys: Set up six-digit access codes for visitors and empower residents to do the same, so when a visitor arrives at the multifamily community they can simply dial the unit and input their unique code to gain entry. These codes are easily created from a mobile app and then emailed to the user, triggering a sync response from the software that gives the visitor access to the intercom, unit lock, and other permitted access points. You’ll be able to revoke access at any given point, like when a resident moves out, or restrict entry with a timed access code. 

EXAMPLE: The resident from 1F is on vacation for a week. She’s arranged for a friend to water her plants while she’s away. Her friend is able to do this between 12 and 1 pm on Monday. The resident creates a time-sensitive access code for her friend, which will only work in the given time frame. This reassures the resident that her apartment and others in the building aren’t put at risk while allowing her friend convenient access to the building and home to complete the task. When her friend arrives at her apartment, the resident receives an email notification that the unique access code assigned to them has been used. The resident can continue to enjoy her vacation knowing her plants aren’t going thirsty at home.

Community Access with integrated solutions like the Intercom Takeover ensures the right people have access to a building when needed. 

Benefits of a cloud-based intercom system in smart apartments 

  • Streamlines community access for smoother deliveries, secure self-guided tours, and convenient visitor access. 
  • Improves the day-to-day operations of your multifamily community for residents, employees, and visitors alike. 
  • Takes the safety and security of your assets, guests, and employees to the next level.
  • Enables you to have an audit trail of all smart key usage, with a stored history of up to a year, reducing your liability should an incident or claim occur. 
  • Allows your team to save time coordinating property access
  • Provides your community with a cost-effective and modern access experience  

“Takes the safety and security of your assets, guests, and employees to the next level”

Your top priorities – efficiency, convenience, and security – are the same as your residents and those entering your multifamily properties. So, why not upgrade your intercom system to provide a smooth and seamless service for everyone involved? 

Intercom Takeover’s software-only solution is an efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade your community’s access to be more convenient and secure.  

Want to discuss the benefits of home automation tech for your multifamily community? Talk to one of our experts.