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Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, are the first truly digital native generation. They have been immersed in technology since they were born.

Smartphones, tablets and other digital devices are integral to their daily lives as they regularly turn to technology for entertainment and convenience. This is especially true when it comes to smart property tech where Gen Z continues to redefine the expectation of technology in multifamily rentals as they regularly use proptech to make life easier.

In 2025, millennials and Gen Z will represent the same percentage of renters and by 2030 Gen Z will make up the largest percentage of renters in the US. Therefore, property managers need to be prepared to integrate the technology that will attract this demographic to their rentals.

Smart and connected living, virtual experiences and sustainability are all key factors for Gen Z when choosing a multifamily rental. We take a look at the smart home tech that isn’t just nice to have but is now expected by this demographic.

Strong wifi

It may seem obvious, but a strong internet connection in multifamily rental buildings is vital. Gen Zs are constantly connected and with increasing numbers of this age group working from home, unreliable wifi can be a deal breaker when it comes to renewing or attracting rentals.

Property managers need to have a strategy to ensure reliable connectivity. Using a high-quality Internet Service Provider (ISP), sufficient bandwidth, and upgraded infrastructure such as fiber-optic connections with multiple access points around the property ensures coverage in all areas.

Not only will strong wifi support Gen Z’s online activity and improve their resident experience,  it is needed for connecting smart multifamily technology, IoT devices and cloud based services, all of which are expected by this tech savvy generation.

Smart and connected living

Smart multifamily technology such as intelligent thermostats and video doorbells that can be conveniently controlled remotely via a smartphone all appeal to Gen Z.

Intelligent thermostats are quickly becoming standard and are now expected by younger renters. The ability to adjust indoor temperatures, ensuring the home is at the optimal temperature before returning, keeping the temperature ambient during cold weather to prevent frozen pipes – all from a mobile device – is the expected way of controlling an HVAC system. This convenient approach to managing energy usage also promotes a sustainable lifestyle and reduces bills, both of which are important to this demographic.

An added layer of security is provided by smart video doorbells that can record activity outside a property and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. This proptech solution can also offer two-way audio, allowing residents to communicate with people outside their home from their mobile phone, even if they’re not at home. This is particularly convenient for handling deliveries and speaking to people on the doorstep remotely.

Virtual experiences

Self-guided tours are growing in popularity among this younger demographic. The ability to tour a home at one’s own pace and time is the pinnacle of convenience when looking for a new multifamily rental. For property managers it is also a big win as there are significant time and cost savings from not needing to send an agent to properties.


Gen Z are huge champions of sustainable living and have an environmental awareness that is driving decision making. Preferring to spend more on a service or product because it is better for the environment is commonplace and this is reflected in their property choices. Homes equipped with energy efficient devices such as smart thermostats or smart water solutions, and proptech that reduces carbon emissions, all appeal to Gen Z. These eco-conscious expectations are reshaping the home automation industry, pushing the innovation of further smart home solutions to align with this demographic’s expectations.

Want to make your multifamily property even more appealing? Add smart video doorbells to increase resident satisfaction.