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As the year winds down and we approach the winter season, property managers are looking for tech solutions that will help them navigate what can be a challenging time of year for property maintenance.

Some of the most common issues in multifamily apartments during the winter months are problems with water systems, including leaks, burst pipes and water damage. It’s estimated that up to 10% of US properties have ongoing or undiscovered water leaks resulting in over 90 gallons of water wasted daily. This is a scenario property managers aim to avoid, especially in the holiday season.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution – smart water management technology.

What is smart water management technology?

Smart water management is a comprehensive solution consisting of several components: smart water sensors, shut off-valves and meters. These interconnected devices communicate to each other through IoT software to manage water systems and prevent potential issues.

Smart water sensors are fitted strategically around apartments to detect water leaks and faulty pipes. When water is detected where it shouldn’t be, a signal is sent to the shut-off valves, immediately stopping the flow of water to that area. The shut off valve is also connected to the smart meter, which instantly sends a message to the property manager to alert them that there is a problem with the water system, enabling swift action.

Implementing automated software, like smart water solutions, offers numerous benefits to property managers, particularly during time of the year.

5 reasons to install smart water solutions in your multifamily rental now

Preventative maintenance minimizes disruptions

Transitioning from reactive to preventative maintenance with automated solutions allows for scheduling work at convenient times that accommodate all parties. Over the holiday season, this will mean fewer interruptions for residents, and callouts only when absolutely necessary. Once smart water management systems are integrated into a unit, property managers can be assured that they will be alerted should there be any issues requiring attention.

Reduces bills and wastage

The rise in energy bills significantly impact both residents and businesses.

Smart water management solutions protect residents from paying excessive bills due to water system inefficiencies. Water usage can be monitored and property managers are notified if issues are detected. Frozen pipes, low water temperatures and leaks that can lead to health risks such as mold can all be detected to allow preventative maintenance and to ensure residents are only paying for the water they use. If a pipe does burst the water supply will automatically shut off preventing the property from flooding and saving the property manager huge expense.

Improves business efficiency

Another benefit of preventative maintenance is that properties aren’t overserviced by maintenance teams. Work will only be performed when needed, allowing employees to use their time efficiently. Routine system health checks are conducted and automated reports are generated to save time for property managers. This increases employee satisfaction as staff are available to allocate more time on their areas of expertise.

Boost resident relations and attraction

Having smart property technology installed in your property will make it more appealing to prospects, with over 81% of property owners signaling that technology enhances resident satisfaction.

Smart water management systems are a sustainable investment, helping you to save money and reduce wastage. A massive 43% of prospects said that they chose an apartment simply due to its sustainable features, indicating that integrating this smart tech into your units could significantly reduce turnover.

Winter is the ideal time for installation

Frozen pipes can be a common problem in multifamily units during the winter period, making it the ideal time to install water management solutions. Proactively protecting properties against hardware failures will save maintenance teams time and money, boost business efficiency and improve relationships with residents.

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