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In recent years, the way people view their potential homes has transformed. Multifamily property managers are increasingly adopting self-guided tour technology as a more convenient, efficient and safe way to showcase their properties. This innovative solution meets evolving expectations of prospective residents while also streamlining the property management’s workload and operations.

What Are Self-Guided Tours?

Self-guided tours allow prospective residents to visit and explore a multifamily property independently without the need for a leasing agent or property manager to be present. This technology relies on secure access systems. Prospects can schedule visits at their convenience, receive temporary digital access codes, and follow a route through the property that highlights its key features and amenities.

Advantages of Self-Guided Tours

Enhanced Flexibility and Convenience

One of the primary benefits of self-guided tours is flexibility. Prospective residents can arrange tours outside of traditional business hours, accommodating their schedules and allowing them to take their time as they explore the property at their own leisure.

Increased Efficiency for Property Managers

For multifamily property managers, self-guided tours mean fewer resources spent on in-person tours. This means that staff have more time to spend on tasks that require their expertise and frees them up to ensure that residents have an excellent living experience when in their property. Self-guided tours also lead to quicker turnover times between inquiries and viewings. Recent statistics found that 75% of tours are scheduled and completed on the same day, with 31% of people applying to lease after the tours had finished.

Increased Comfortability for Prospective Residents

Self-guided tours offer a contactless experience that became popular during the pandemic and continues to appeal in a post-pandemic world. This ensures safety for staff and prospects by minimizing physical interactions, which was particularly appealing to individuals with health and safety concerns during that time. Some potential residents also find it more comfortable to view a property on their own, without an agent. Being able to speak freely as they explore and take as long as they need without keeping anyone waiting can enhance the overall experience for prospective residents.

Scalability and Control

With the integration of multifamily technology, such as access technology and security systems, property managers can maintain control over who accesses the property and when. Detailed entry logs provide a layer of security that traditional tours may lack. Additionally, this technology scales easily for property managers, and can be used for any size portfolio from a single building to multiple properties.

Implementing Self-Guided Tours

Property managers need to invest in the right multifamily technology in order to run a self-guided tour. This includes:

  • Access technology: Smart locks and access systems ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the property during their scheduled tour times.
  • Security solutions: Surveillance cameras and other security systems, such as video doorbell technology, enhance the safety of self-guided tours, giving both managers and prospects peace of mind.
  • Property management software: Tour scheduling software can be integrated with property management systems for seamless operation.

Self-guided tours allow multifamily property managers a way to offer a modern, efficient, and safe touring experience that meets the expectations of today’s multifamily residents.

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