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Airbnb has announced that it’s banning the use of indoor security cameras from its listings. While the majority of hosts and property managers wouldn’t consider installing the technology inside their rentals anyway, the updated regulations now mean that the few who did will have to rethink how they protect their assets.

This ban has been primarily introduced to protect guest privacy but it also upholds the industry’s reputation, ensuring the professionalization of short-term rentals. A large number of property managers are now reassessing the tech they use and are looking for devices that CAN be used to ensure their properties are not mistreated, while protecting their guests.

The smart video doorbell is a natural substitute as it gives property managers the ability to monitor their property while the outward facing device protects the guest’s privacy.

Here we look at the features of a video doorbell that you can use to your advantage as your last line of security for your vacation rental:

Motion detection

Once mounted onto the outside of your front door, the motion sensors begin to detect activity outside your property. Whenever movement is detected, the device begins recording and automatically sends an alert based on the notifications you’ve set. You can review footage to monitor guests arriving, ensure the correct number of people check in, watch as a package is delivered, and check your booking rules, such as your pet policy, have been followed.

Live video feed

Being able to view a live video feed of who is at the front door of your rental properties, no matter where you are at any time, is extremely valuable. Using the PointCentral solution, property managers are able to view all of their property’s doorbell footage in one place – hugely beneficial for larger businesses with a number of properties in their portfolio.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio is integrated into the video doorbell so that when you are managing properties remotely, you can communicate directly with your guests. This is ideal for starting their guest journey off in the best possible way and personalizing their arrival. Property managers could even consider using the two-way audio function as a guest concierge service, encouraging them to press the doorbell to ask for assistance or recommendations. The ability to speak through the doorbell can also be useful for deterring potential intruders.

Video evidence

Should any security issues or disputes arise, video doorbells can provide valuable evidence. Footage can be critical for resolving conflicts and insurance claims.

Following Airbnb’s camera ban, video doorbells will become even more essential for short-term rental property managers. This smart technology can enhance security, improve guest communication, and simplify the monitoring of rental properties while protecting the guests’ privacy.

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