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With 80% of Americans reporting that they are worried about crime, the demand for security systems within single-family and multifamily homes is increasing.

For residents, security hardware such as cameras, smart locks and intercoms all offer reassurance, and for property managers smart building technology can improve resident retention by providing a better living experience.

However, keeping buildings safe and secure in the multifamily sector is complex, especially when property managers are working across multiple properties.

Unlike in single-family dwellings, which may only require an alarm, cameras and a key or entry code, multifamily security that can protect a wide range of residents living in multiple units across many levels can be complex.

Access management for multifamily communities

Ensuring residents’ safety by securing both the interior and exterior of the building, while also managing necessary access for residents, staff, delivery drivers, and visitors, can be challenging. This is an operational area where property managers cannot afford to make mistakes.

Access management is one solution that property managers are increasingly adopting to solve this problem, giving residents smooth and secure entry while reliably safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Implementing an access control solution can revolutionize multifamily safety, offering a comprehensive approach to security across the entire building and enhancing protection within multifamily communities as a whole.

Smart Technology Integration

Smart building technology provides a high level of security to residents. Fitting property entry systems such as intercoms, smart locks and digital access control is a relatively simple and affordable way for property managers to keep multioccupancy buildings secure.

Integrating smart technology and adopting a cloud-based access management solution that works with this hardware can improve the building’s security even further and simplify the process. Property managers using this system can streamline access management by controlling buildings remotely, resulting in time, travel and cost savings.

Custom access plans can be established for residents, employees, or visitors in the multifamily community, ensuring that residents and guests can consistently access their homes and communal areas while securing the property against unauthorized visitors. Property managers can then effortlessly grant or revoke access when residents move in or out of units.

These access plans can be especially beneficial in buildings that are home to both long-term and short-term renters. It enables managers to control the areas that short-term guests can access when visiting the building such as the pool and gym, but restricting access to the floors or areas where long-term residents live.

Property managers can also schedule access to members of staff, contractors, maintenance teams or delivery personnel and keep on top of what is happening at the property with real time alerts and event history. For unexpected visitors to the property, managers can remotely buzz people in at the touch of a button.

Access control systems provide security and convenience for both property managers and residents while bringing multifamily communities together and enhancing the resident’s overall experience.

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