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The changing of the seasons is a quarterly reminder for property managers to take stock of their properties. What do they need? What can they do without? What will guests be looking for in the season ahead? 

77% of Americans spring clean their own homes, so it makes sense for property managers to take a fresh look at their short-term rentals. From checking property inventories to reevaluating safety policies ahead of a busy summer and reviewing new tech solutions to improve efficiencies, spring cleaning is always a good idea. 

We know it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start, so we’ve created the ultimate list to get your properties in top shape before sun-seeking guests arrive! 

An ultimate to-do list to set your short-term rentals up for summer 

Things to upgrade: 

1. Tech

Make the most of peak time rates and boost your profitability with tech this summer. Our Property Management Insights Report shows that 43% of short-term rental managers agree smart home devices increase rental value. So, by simply installing devices in consumer demand, such as keyless locks, you can up your average daily rate. 

Upgrading your home with the latest technology will also ensure your guests have a more convenient, comfortable stay. For example, health awareness among travelers has risen, and many now prefer contactless solutions such as in-app communications and direct entry

2. Listings

Don’t forget to reflect any rental upgrades in the property listing. Especially if you’re adding trendy features, as you’ll appeal to more guests. Plus, it ensures you meet expectations by showing exactly what rental guests will see on arrival. The last thing you want is disappointed guests because of outdated photos or misleading descriptions! 

According to AirDNA research, adding more quality photos to your listing can improve occupancy rates with the ideal number of images being between 20-40.  

3. Safety 

You may need to review your rental’s safety regulations based on the season. Is there a hot tub or pool now in use, which guests should be warned to be cautious around, especially families with young children? Pop all of this information into the listing, the welcome pack, and in any pre-visit communication. 

Summer is the peak of occupancy for many property managers, which means it’s more vital than ever to take preventative measures against risks to your properties. Use monitoring tech software to be notified of any out-of-the-ordinary behavior before it escalates into damage to your property. 

Things to optimize:

1. Cleaning

Then, of course, there’s the actual cleaning part of a spring clean update to your property. It goes without saying rentals need to be cleaned between turnovers, but a more thorough deep clean can help identify any issues in the property – like a broken piece of furniture.

A deep clean is also the perfect time to go over all of those less frequent tasks, like changing the air filters in your HVAC Management system

2. Communication

There’s no better time to take a step back and look at the functionality of your business. Are you making the most of your employees’ time, or are they wasting their resources on a process that’s more efficient when automized? 

Communication, for example, is now expected by guests to be prompt, non-stop, and personalized. Choose a platform that has an integrated messaging system so your guests get the best service possible, and you benefit from a streamlined and efficient process that saves you up to 70% of your time. 

3. Guest experience

Keep on top of current travel trends as these drive guest demands. Tailoring your property and service to these allows you to meet guest expectations and provide a personalized and memorable experience. 

Evaluate this service. Is there more you can offer guests that sets you apart from the competition? Taking into account the success of the previous season, you may wish to add things to your welcome package. Maybe you can use cost-savings to go the extra mile, for example, by leaving a small gift like locally bought honey or produce. 

Gestures like these show guests you truly care, and as an added bonus it may encourage them to leave a great review. This is so important since top reviews have been shown to improve occupancy!

Things to let go:

1. Old practices 

Guests will never say no to a welcome gift, but some old hospitality practices, such as checking in at a reception desk and being shown around the property, are no longer needed or wanted. 

Swap these practices for new efficient ways of working, like allowing guests to have direct entry to your property with a pre-arranged code.

2. Clutter

Which features of your property don’t do it any favors? Does the furniture suit the space or is it oversized? Is there unnecessary clutter on the surfaces? It may be time to undecorate. 

Clutter reminds guests that they are sleeping in someone else’s bed – which of course they are, but your aim should be to make them feel at home in your rental. 

Remove anything that doesn’t serve the space and keep the aesthetic clean and modern. Less is more.  

Set your short-term rental up for success this summer season by removing clutter and improving functionality with automation technology. 

Get started on your rental refresh to-do list today by trialing our property management demo with integrated tech for safety, communication, efficiency, and guest satisfaction.