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This is the third in a series of blogs exploring how our joint customers with Breezeway are using our property automation and Breezeway’s property management tools to run their business.

1. From the answers we received, it’s clear that property managers run into regular issues, such as freezing up, with their HVAC systems. All of them mentioned receiving guest complaints due to these breakdowns. Petrillo said it’s not that common but both him and Goodwin mentioned they keep backup freestanding air conditioning machines on hand in case of breakdowns because they’ve had to give compensation in the past.

Two of the interviewees admitted they don’t carry out regular maintenance on their machines and often ‘end up being reactionary instead of proactive with regards to HVAC issues.’ This is down to the lack of HVAC providers able to carry out the work, as well as the cost. Goodwin did mention he believes ‘routine maintenance is an excellent idea.’ Petrillo suggests that the length of time between maintenance depends on the usage and has their systems checked every 2-3 years, believing annual assessment isn’t necessary. Rather than guessing or reacting when a machine fails, innovative tech can alert property managers when the performance of a unit diminishes. PointCentral’s HVAC monitoring algorithm, which automates predictive diagnostics, can save costs on maintenance when it’s not essential as well as stopping an issue before it becomes a more expensive problem. 

2. Then there’s the risk of guests or staff changing the temperature of the system, which all of the interviewees have experienced. This can contribute to high energy bills and unit failures if the machine freezes. ‘Not anymore thanks to PointCentral’s solution and occupancy-based rules,’ said Ancona. Petrillo’s response was similar, ‘not very common anymore. We were able to set minimum temperatures on these units.’ Guests and staff alike have also been known to leave windows open while the air conditioning is running, leading to increased energy bills. 

3. With soaring energy prices, property managers may be worried about the upcoming energy costs. Smart HVACs are able to track a user’s routine and automatically adjust the heating as well as alert you when there’s a maintenance issue, significantly reducing costs. These technologies adjust heating and cooling based on when a room is occupied or vacant, significantly reducing run times and therefore improving the sustainability and efficiency of your rental.  

When asked if property owners ever complain about energy bills Goodwin confessed, ‘Yes. And they always blame us.’ So, this issue falls on the shoulders of property managers – when it shouldn’t! But, if they want to keep their clients happy they need to reassess how HVAC systems are being used in their rental properties. Smart home controls can help property managers address this issue even when not at the property with remote software. Petrillo finds the reports PointCentral’s tech offers on energy usage really helpful when discussing higher bills with property owners, as this data makes it clear where issues lie – ie. colder months require more energy. 

Smart home tech has the ability to ease property management pain points, so whether you want to organize cleaning schedules or optimize maintenance checks it can benefit both large and small property management companies. That’s why we’re focused on bringing the best tech and platforms together, so you can get the very best out of your business. We’re pleased to hear that customers using our property automation tech and Breezeway’s property management solution has led to happy customers. After all happy customers for us, means happy customers for them!

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