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This is the second in a series of blogs exploring how our joint customers with Breezeway are using our property automation and Breezeway’s property management tools to run their business.

There’s been widespread adoption of tech solutions in the vacation rental space over the past 18 months. 

After using PointCentral for over five years, Petrillo ‘can’t even imagine running the business without them today.’ He went on to say they ‘didn’t realize all the problems keypads and key boxes created, people couldn’t find boxes or they’d lose the key.’ They now benefit from guests checking in directly using PointCentral’s keyless entry tech. At Newman-Dailey they’ve switched to direct check-ins, ‘prior to that our guests always stopped at the front desk. During their stay we reach out to guests by phone call or SMS to maintain the customer service that they are accustomed to.’

PM Rentals use the automated notification systems and find these help them be aware of owners visiting properties. Goodwin also finds property automation communication useful ‘to find out if a property has been accessed in between stays.’ These tech tools offer property managers peace of mind, knowing the safety of their homes even when vacant.

The property automation software linked with these innovative tech tools provide managers with seamless communication that increases efficiency, while offering guests the high standard of service they expect. 

‘Breezeway and PointCentral working together has helped make our operations more efficient and has facilitated better communication and data-sharing across our teams. Our cleaners are notified the second a guest leaves, which helps them start and finish cleans in advance, enabling our guests to check in early, and saves us considerable time communicating with staff.’ said Ancona. Proptech not only allows you to view data in real time, but records the habits of guests, supplying property managers with the ability to predict guests’ wants.

It’s clear that tech tools in property management can drive efficiencies in whichever way works best for the company, such as contactless check-in for PM Rentals and Newman-Dailey taking advantage of revenue opportunities through time saving communication. And as Goodwin mentioned these technologies also increase property safety – a top priority for all property managers. 

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