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Property managers sometimes are in a rush to spend the year-end surplus budget so that it doesn’t expire, even if that means funding superfluous property additions. Was it really necessary to get the HVAC technician out for a check-up? You’d know for sure with PointCentral’s HVAC Management. 

What could really boost the popularity of your property and increase its efficiency and security is smart home automation technology. No wonder 46% of property managers have added smart technology to the properties that they manage.

Here’s our hot take on why you’d be wise to adopt smart home tech into your rental portfolio in 2022.

Benefits of smart home automation

Whether you manage several multifamily units or you’re a vacation rental property manager, smart property tech would be a prudent investment for your business. Here’s why:

Increasing operational efficiency

Enterprising property managers who wish to save on time, cost, or energy will find that the appropriate smart tech solutions can deliver on all counts. Keyless entry solutions reduce staffing costs, while smart HVACs help your property save up to 23% on heating and cooling

Similarly, you can have smart lighting and other connected technologies that make it possible to reduce energy bills and predict and prevent potential system failures.

Attracting and delighting residents and guests

Today’s multifamily renters and vacationers are used to a certain degree of digitally connected experiences in their lives, be it lights that switch on as they enter a room or a smart thermostat. So it’s natural that they have similar comfort and convenience expectations of your property.

Smart home elements like connected thermostats, temperature-controlled pools, and voice controlled technology will delight digitally-savvy residents and guests alike. Also, in the age of COVID-19, keyless entry and monitored cleaning visits, improve the property’s hygiene and safety quotient.

A sum-total of such features will enable the delivery of a great experience that will incentivize guests and residents to pay extra to stay at your property.

Ensuring security and safety of property inhabitants

Guests and residents will enjoy their stay better if they know that their life and personal property are well taken care of. This is why you must install smart security systems and other connected sensors such as CO, fire, and water sensors. This will ensure that residents, travelers and property managers are alerted of threats as soon as they happen.

Make the smart decision for 2022

To start 2022 on the right foot, we recommend that you invest the surplus budget in smart tech that will deliver real ROI.

Fearing the smart tech onboarding and upfront costs? Don’t. The property automation solutions available in the marketplace are simple to integrate into your business, and the efficiencies mean it soon pays for itself. 

All you need to do is get your tech stack right. 

Make the ultimate smart investment this year, with PointCentral. Demo our proptech solutions by clicking here