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We’re proud of our integration with leading property management systems. Our partners use the PointCentral offering to provide a fully integrated solution powering an integrated smart home experience.

This month we spoke with Josh Parry, Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS, to find out more about how CiiRUS is helping vacation rental professionals operate more efficiently, and why tech innovation and excellence in service is such an important part of vacation rental management.

Please introduce yourself and your role at CiiRUS.

I’m Josh Parry, Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS. My team and I help our product specialists tell potential customers how awesome CiiRUS is and assess whether our services are the best fit for their business. I also work closely with our product and development teams with the roll-out of new features and making sure that everything we do keeps the best interests of our customers, and the industry, at heart.

Tell us a bit more about the services CiiRUS provides to vacation rental managers. 

Since 2008, CiiRUS has been the leading vacation rental software for vacation rental professionals. We use technology and quality service to make a property manager’s day easier – not harder. In addition to the core software, which focuses on increasing our users’ operational efficiency, we provide hands-on professional services including revenue management, online merchandising, managed distribution, marketing, and more – to increase our customers’ revenue earning potential. 

We’re delighted and proud to call you a trusted partner. What excites you most about our integration?

Our partnership with PointCentral offers users a best-of-breed solution that marries the operational software system with the physical property operations. Property managers who aren’t enabled with the right technology partners typically handle these processes separately, at great expense to their time and money. 

You are committed to empowering vacation rental managers through technical innovation and excellence in service. How does smart technology fit into this? And why do you think it’s such an important part of vacation rental management today?

Property managers are always on the go and looking for ways to simplify their processes. They need cutting-edge technology that will help them manage their homes from anywhere with ease. With the CiIRUS & PointCentral integration, our mutual customers can trust that no matter where they are, guest access and property security are taken care of in a handsfree manner. This peace of mind empowers property managers to focus on other important parts of their day and scale their business efficiently. 

How are your customers using PointCentral products and services in order to be more operationally efficient?

When a reservation is made directly, or on any of CiiRUS’ connected channels (such as Vrbo, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeToGo, and more), the integration automatically creates a door code. That code is displayed in arrival reports, welcome emails, the cleaner app and on the guest app, minimizing time spent manually reconciling information between different systems. Our integration also supports pool heating automation, so that the property is relaxation-ready from the moment of arrival. 

The past 2 years have brought huge challenges for the vacation rental industry. How have you navigated these challenges? And what have you learned along the way?

We have navigated the past 2 years working closer than ever as a team, and a family, with our customer-base. Through the challenges we’ve established initiatives that enable our team to be even more involved with customers to ensure they’re using the software to its full capacity and helping to resolve any questions they have. We’ve also learned how to identify potential warning signs of operational inefficiency or opportunity cost on behalf of our customers. This allows us to reach them proactively to make sure they aren’t leaving money on the table. 

Any advice for property managers or the wider vacation rental community as they navigate the ever changing travel landscape?

Always be in the guest’s shoes. This vacation could be the one thing they’ve held onto to make it through their own challenges of the last 2 years. Don’t lose sight of how important the memories are, that we in the hospitality business are responsible for, to the family on the other end of that digital lock.

What’s in store for CiiRUS in 2022? 

This year, we’re approaching our software toolkit with an entirely new lens. We’ve collected intimate feedback from hundreds of users and developed a detailed understanding of what we can do to bring CiiRUS to the next level. We are excited to launch our overhauled user-experience and several new modules, including Unified Inbox, Advanced Trust Accounting, Deep Analytics, and more.