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Before we know it, summer will be here. Are you prepared? Are your short-term rentals ready for another busy season of vacationing guests? Or could they benefit from an upgrade to appeal to evolving demands?

Get your rentals in top shape to make the most of the busiest period of the year! There’s a lot to consider, so we’ve put together a simple step-by-step process to ensure no aspect of your short-term rental is overlooked. 

Setting up your rental for summer guests: a step-by-step guide 

1. Deep clean – Now is the perfect time to reset your property. Give it a thorough clean, declutter the space, and revive anything that’s been worn over time. Complete the jobs which you don’t have time for during regular turnovers, like changing the HVAC filter. Go through every little detail – do you need each piece of furniture? Does a room need some TLC? 

Taking time to evaluate the property in detail may highlight issues often overlooked in day-to-day maintenance, such as a build-up of decorative items that take away from the rental’s clean look. Find the balance between making your short-term rental feel homely and it looking too much like a stranger’s home, so guests will be comfortable during their stay.

According to our Property Manager Insights Report research, cleanliness is one of the most important features of a rental property for guests (43%). Global awareness of health risks has heightened standards and guests will be even more expectant of a spotless property. 

2. Review safety – Another high-ranking feature among short-term rental guests is the security of a property (48%). It’s vital you reassess any risk factors before the summer begins as higher occupancy levels will increase your exposure to damages and liabilities. 

Take measures to protect your assets and reassure potential guests, such as installing property automation technology. Security monitoring, for example, instantly notifies managers of unexpected entrances to their properties, drastically reducing damage costs. 

Remove the risk of keys being lost or stolen and advance the check-in process with keyless direct entry tools. Guests will also benefit from having access to your rental with a pre-arranged code, meaning they can come and go as they please.  

3. Consider upgrades – To continually meet guest expectations your properties need to keep pace with the evolving market. Evolve’s 2022 Travel Trends Forecast shows the high importance guests place on the quality of accommodation including upgrades, furniture, and appliances when deciding on where to stay. 

Keep trends in mind when making upgrades as they are ever-changing. For example, smart home technology is no longer seen as a luxury, instead, it’s a necessity to many guests who likely use these innovations for convenience in their everyday lives and homes. 

Our research found that 42% of guests rank the comfort level of a rental’s temperature as a desirable feature. Create a connected house with features such as a smart thermostat so guests can easily control aspects of the rental.

4. Update listings – Maximize profitability this summer season with up-to-date property descriptions and photos. Be sure that any listings on booking sites match the current look and aspects of your property.

If you install smart home technology for comfort and convenience ensure this is listed as it can attract guests! And remember, guests expect the exact property they see in photos, so outdated images could lead to a negative experience or review. 

Don’t forget to highlight the property’s best features too. According to our Persona research, short-term rental managers believe the top five value-adding amenities are: pool and water features, upgraded fixtures, washers and dryers, hospitality areas inside and outside the property, and upgraded appliances.

5. Prepare workforce – There are many sides to success. You could have the most desired rental, full occupancy, and great guest reviews, but without operational and workforce efficiency you’ll never reach optimum profitability. 

Set your team up to succeed by using an IoT-connected platform of smart home technology solutions to automate menial tasks, so they can focus on providing the best service possible to guests. 

Processes to automate that benefit your business and guests include: energy and water monitoring, check-in and out, and guest communications.

6. Revise rates – As market demand fluctuates so too should your daily rates. During slower months, for example, matching competitor prices may attract more bookings, but during popular periods, like summer, you’ll benefit from increasing rates. 

Many property managers adjust their rates daily to optimize profits. Are your rates reflective of the current demand? Or are you missing out on the true revenue potential of the season?

Follow these six easy steps to prep your short-term rentals for the fast-approaching summer season. Support your business with tech solutions and give your properties some focused attention, before the rush of guests arrive, to benefit from an increased appeal, boosted occupancy, meeting guest expectations, improved experience, and much more! 

Want to know more about how technology can support your business and improve efficiency? Talk to one of our team members here