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We’ve already covered how to attract Millennials to your short-term rentals but to keep occupancy levels constant property managers must appeal to a broad range of consumers. 

Gen X, Millennials’ predecessors, is sometimes known as the “forgotten generation” by the media. In fact, research confirmed they can feel “overlooked” by brands, compared to other generations, because of this. 

This market gap creates a fantastic opportunity for property managers to meet the demands of a travel group that may have slipped through the cracks. So, let’s take a look at what Gen X guests want when traveling: 

Top 10 things Gen X want from their vacation homes

1. Location

TravelPulse suggests Gen X-ers are more hesitant to return to travel after recent events compared to other generations, noting that a third haven’t left their home city in at least 12 months. This is backed by studies that show 61% continue to travel domestically even with restrictions lifting. 

But, don’t disregard the power of this travel group. Although they may only be traveling domestically at the moment, they have the highest disposable income of all the generations, meaning this market is worth investing time in. 

2. Safety

Their reluctance to travel further afield is understandable when they have their family’s health to prioritize. Studies show that
55% of this group see safety when traveling as a top concern. So, how can you reassure Gen X guests that your rental is safe for them? 

Make previously interaction-based processes contactless with smart home technology. For example, swap out a reception desk and keys for a direct entry system where guests can gain access via a pre-arranged code on their phone. 

3. Air quality 

With health awareness in mind, ensure cleaning procedures and smart home features that reduce risks are detailed in your rental listing. 

For example, a HVAC Management system that improves air quality may appeal to those with hygiene and infection concerns. 

4. Tech

This generation may have not been raised in a hyper-connected environment in the same way as those who followed them were, but they had to adapt quickly to new advancements and are not far behind Millennials and Gen Z in terms of tech.

Consider equipping your short-term rental with other smart home technologies, like property automation systems for fast communication and efficiency.

5. Flexibility 

Their uncertainty around travel has led to many Gen X-ers wanting a more flexible cancellation policy. Reassure guests every step of the way with consistent communication.

With an all-in-one property management platform messages can be automated and sent directly to guests in-app, meaning you can streamline your processes while improving the consumer experience.

6. Wellness 

Gen X-ers go on vacation to completely switch off from their responsibility packed lives. The majority are in their forties and so are knee-deep in their careers and likely have a family to look after.  

They may not care where they’re going as long as they can relax, destress, and re-energize. Gen X-ers are looking for comfort. A home that’s not their own. This places even higher importance on the interior of your short-term rental than for those who are more likely to spend their days on trips and activities. 

7. Deals 

Despite this group having the highest disposable income, they still love to grab a bargain. When using cost-saving smart home technology that both streamlines your processes and business, you’ll be better able to offer guests the deals they’re looking for. 

8. Family-focused 

Parents of Gen Z, it’s no surprise that this generation places high importance on family when on vacation. They’ll be on the lookout for short-term rentals that are family-friendly and will likely travel during the school holidays.

Appeal to these guests with cozy living spaces where families can spend quality time together.

9. Sustainability

Appeal to the 2 in 3 Gen X-ers who prefer to buy from sustainable brands, with energy-saving property technology. Water Management, for example, is able to notify property managers of overconsumption, leaks before they escalate into high-cost damage, and prevent risks such as frozen pipes, with monitoring hardware connected via IoT.

10. Trusted brand 

Gen X still base a lot of their travel decisions on word-of-mouth, especially when shared by other families and friends. They’re also known to be the most loyal generation to brands they have good experiences with – something property managers should keep note of in order to boost return on experience guests. 

Take advantage of the consumer gap in current marketing strategies and tailor your short-term rentals to the generation with the highest disposable income: Gen X. By appealing to a broader spectrum of travelers, you can increase bookings for this year and welcome return guests in years to come.  

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