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Broken pipes and leaking appliances cause 14,000 water damage emergencies throughout the US every day. Such incidents can be a rental property owner’s worst nightmare considering the associated high repair costs, significant water wastage, and risk to occupants’ health.

So, if a water leak happens at your property it needs to be stopped immediately before it turns into a full-blown crisis. It’s unrealistic to expect someone will be around to spot the leak, so what procedures can you put in place to flag real-time issues?

With the right smart home technology in place, such as water monitoring systems with leak sensors and shut-off valves, you can rest easy while the software automatically monitors the water systems in your properties. It also proactively tracks water usage to enable residents to use water efficiently.

Top 3 benefits of using a Smart Water Valve+Meter 

Smart water management systems typically consist of a water valve and meter that work together to stop an emergency in its tracks. The automatic software uses sensors to monitor all water flow into the residence, so it can catch a leak early. For example, if water continues to flow longer than a typical shower or large volumes of water quickly pass through the meter, it cuts off the water supply to prevent damage.

Property managers using this technology can save up to $7,500 on annual insurance fees for 10 single family homes or $2,000 for a 30 unit building.

Install this automation technology within your properties to:

• Reduce maintenance costs and damage: If you catch a leak quickly, you can fix it then and there. And it won’t cost you much. Early detection will also reduce the risk of it escalating and causing excessive damage. This is why it’s best to invest in preventative maintenance rather than acting reactively when something goes wrong.

Smart solutions give you the time to make the right decision when an issue arises. The sensors detect the smallest of leaks and water flow anomalies in real-time so that corrective steps can be taken before any major disruptions arise. Meanwhile, smart valves cut the water supply to prevent serious damage and avoid disruption of the guest experience.

Monitoring software further reduces energy costs by analyzing consumption over time to find inefficiencies. It produces reports you and your renters can access via an app, which may encourage them to be more sustainable with their usage.  

• Control and monitor your water supply from anywhere: Choose a property automation platform that offers an intuitive mobile app. This technology ensures that, wherever you are, you will receive an immediate notification about leaks, running toilets, or dripping faucets all on your handheld device. The system will also notify you if there’s a problem with excessive water consumption at a property and if temperatures have dropped to a level where pipes could freeze during the winter months.

• Improve water efficiency: Did you know that leaks in the household lead to the wastage of about 1 trillion gallons of water every year in the US? Smart systems keep operations efficient by offering intelligent insights on water usage. This enables you to improve water conservation at the property. It also means you can offer your residents monitoring technology, so they can reduce their usage if they choose. In turn, such efforts will help bring down utility bills.

What happens if you don’t invest in a monitoring system?

Water leak emergencies usually stem from broken or worn-out toilet flappers, taps, appliances, frozen pipes, or leaking valves. And if ignored, such incidents will leave no area of your home untouched, from floors, walls, and ceilings to electrical connections and furniture.

A serious plumbing leak can cause structural, cosmetic, and functional damage that will require extensive restoration work. There’s also the risk to health in the form of mildew and mold, not to forget the associated smells and unsightly spots that are difficult and extremely costly to eliminate.  

In the absence of property automation technologies, a small leak can become a big problem.

Are you overpaying for your water maintenance? Are residents complaining about high water bills? Are you worried about major damage to your home and possessions from water emergencies?

With an advanced smart home technology stack, you can save thousands of dollars in repairs or damage. By detecting the leak almost instantly and shutting off the main supply, water management gives you enough time to make repairs before the damage spreads. It can also drastically reduce water wastage, an appealing aspect to potential residents, especially for the sustainability-conscious Gen Z.

To find out more about improving the environmental and operational sustainability of your properties, click here to demo PointCentral’s Water Management solution.