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Whether you’re a small-time vacation home manager or a 1,000-unit rental property company, choosing the right smart home technology can make your life—or your daily business operations—infinitely easier.

That’s why it’s important to carefully consider all the smart property tech you invest in before making a commitment. Here are several questions to ask when shopping for a property automation home system. 


How Do Your Smart Devices Connect?

Many smart home systems rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to connect to a central smart hub, but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are highly vulnerable to a host of hacking attacks. To achieve a maximum level of security for your smart home system, choose a smart hub and smart devices that connect via encrypted cellular or Z-Wave technology. These technologies will create a communication network that’s far less vulnerable to hacks. 

All PointCentral smart home hubs function as a cellular communication gateway that interconnects your devices on the Verizon or AT&T networks. This gives your smart home system the benefit of maximum encryption and up-time. PointCentral smart hubs also allow your home’s devices to connect via advanced, highly secure Z-Wave technology. 


Will Professionals Install Your Smart Home System?

There are plenty of install-it-yourself smart property systems available on the market. These could be an option for small-time vacation home managers, but a lot can go wrong during an installation that negatively affects the reliability and security of your system. Before investing in smart home equipment, make sure that a fully licensed, insured and experienced professional will install it. 

At PointCentral, we use licensed and insured field technicians located throughout the United States to manage all aspects of your professional smart home installation. If you’re an enterprise, we’ll ensure your team members receive training on the new technology, so your organization takes full advantage of the system to maximize business efficiency. You’ll also benefit from regular webinars to continue learning about the powerful automation technology that PointCentral puts at your fingertips. 


Do You Have a Secure, Cloud-Based Smart Home System?

Modern enterprises are quickly moving their data systems to the cloud so they can reap the many benefits of cloud computing. For example, a cloud-based smart property system allows you to access your networks from any web-enabled device, so you can: 

  • Adjust the thermostats in thousands of homes with the touch of a button
  • Grant access by opening a smart lock on the other side of the world
  • Monitor up-to-the-minute stats on hundreds of vacation properties. 
  • Benefit from many other smart property features


PointCentral’s cloud-based software technology provides “access from anywhere” to enterprise property managers through a mobile dashboard that lets you control temperature, locks, team member task assignments and more. Our cloud-based infrastructure also provides the highest levels of data security, and we use third-party security specialists who continually test our data infrastructure to make sure it’s secure. 

Here are some of the most advanced features of PointCentral’s data security strategy:

  • A detailed data security policy that respects customer privacy and guarantees that PointCentral will not sell your data
  • Encrypted data connections to the PointCentral cloud ecosystem and a hardened cloud architecture
  • Keyless, smartphone-based access control to eliminate keycard vulnerabilities
  • Adherence to the latest and most advanced encryption best practices
  • Two-factor authentication on mobile apps
  • Fully redundant data systems
  • Suspicious activity alerts


Does Your Smart Property System Offer Business Intelligence Insights?

If you’re a large business, you’ll love gaining access to the property intelligence features included in PointCentral’s enterprise smart property systems. Our powerful cloud-computing technology allows you to derive valuable business insights from the data related to your properties. 

PointCentral’s business intelligence insights help you understand the way small tweaks to your HVAC systems—and subtle changes to workflow assignments—can boost cost-savings and efficiency throughout your organization. With our deep data insights at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.


Learn More About PointCentral Now

To learn how your homes, business or enterprise could benefit from smart technology, our PointCentral smart property consultants are available to talk with you about the many benefits of our property automation systems. Sign up for an exclusive free demo now!