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Moving your family into a new rental home can be nerve-racking. Not only do you have to wrap everything up at your old residence and deal with moving your life, but you also need to help everyone feel settled at the new place. That’s easier said than done—especially when you factor kids into the equation, as they could miss the familiarity of your former home.

Interestingly, smart technology can do wonders to help everyone feel as cozy as possible. Not only is smart technology fun, but it’s interesting, convenient and cost-saving—and it will make your new residence feel like a “home from the future.” That should be enough to warm up the whole family to the new property. 

Here are our three favorite smart home tips for your new rental property.


Warm Up Your Home With Smart Lighting

One of the easiest ways to coax your family—and yourself—into loving a new rental home is to equip the entire place with a smart lighting system. Many smart lighting systems are available that don’t require anything more than installing smart lightbulbs around the house and wirelessly connecting them to a smart hub. Also, at PointCentral, we offer a simple-to-install smart plug—any lamp, lighting fixture, or other electronic item that you plug into it becomes a smart device that can be operated through our app. 

PointCentral smart lighting systems offer the luxury of calling out a command to turn on the lights or adjust them to the exact brightness you desire. You can also use different lights to create “layers” using different smart bulbs for custom accent lighting, or create lighting routines for dinner parties, date night, movie time, bedtime, morning and more.


Save Money with a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will make your pocketbook happy due to its money-saving benefits, which also means that the smart thermostat pays for itself in just a few months. According to independent testing,’s ENERGY STAR® certified “Smart Thermostat” can save the following percentages on electricity costs

  • 9 to 16% on heating in the winter
  • 15 to 23% on cooling in the summer


Ditch the Keys and Use Keyless Smart Locks Instead

Keys have worked great for the last few centuries, but that didn’t stop people from losing them—and if you’re a parent, you know that your children are especially good at losing them. According to a study on lost items, adults are also pretty good at losing keys. Approximately 28% of American adults misplace their keys at least once a week, and they spend an average of 15 minutes looking for each item they misplace.

A keyless smart lock system solves part of this problem by eliminating the need to keep track of your house keys. With smart locks, simply use a unique six-digit code or smartphone to enter your home—and the smart locks from that PointCentral uses in its home automation systems offer some sophisticated benefits, like a camera that allows you to remotely check who is ringing your doorbell and grant them access.

Once you install smart locks, it’s easy to teach your kids and guests an easy-to-remember keycode for entering your home. Plus, if they happen to forget the code—or if you want to grant access to a maintenance person—you can do so remotely with your smartphone.


Set Up a PointCentral Smart Home System in Your New Rental Home Now!

If you’re excited about the ways a smart home system could make your new rental property more comfortable, you might want to set up a free smart home demonstration with the PointCentral team. We’ll help you design a smart home with all the technological bells and whistles you need to save money on energy costs, and make your life more convenient and secure.