Property managers have a challenging role serving a variety of duties for both property owners and tenants. One way to make tasks a bit easier for property managers is to rely on smart property management—or tech-enabled property management tools that allow for more convenient and efficient communication and problem resolution. Here are 7 automated solutions for property management that can improve property managers’ performance and make their leaves easier overall.

1. Escapia

Escapia is a vacation rental property management tool offered by HomeAway Software. There are many parts of renting vacation properties that Escapia makes easier, including managing the reservation process, updating information about rentals on your website, maintaining a calendar, managing housekeeping and maintenance, distributing property listings among popular rental sites, and more. Property managers can use Escapia to manage the nitty-gritty day to day parts of property management, so you can put your energy into what really matters: the people who live and rent at your property.

2. PointCentral

PointCentral is a great option for property managers looking for an enterprise-scale solution for property management automation. The platform serves short and long term property managers who want to make managing properties easier and safer. PointCentral offers features like keyless access, doorbell cameras, desktop and mobile control of temperature for all properties, water monitoring, HVAC monitoring, and more. Property owners or managers should choose PointCentral if they need one person to be able to manage many, many different properties remotely.

3. Buildium

Buildium is an excellent automated property management tool for any property manager who wants to communicate with residents more efficiently and effectively. This tool offers accounting features to track budgets, keep on top of vendor payments, and pull reports on how money is being spent. The Buildium program also offers a communication platform where residents can put in maintenance requests or ask questions.

4. Maintenance Connection

A big part of a property manager’s job is maintenance management. Property managers who run large buildings and manage large scale maintenance operations will find the features of Maintenance Connection useful. The app offers the ability to do things like create and track work orders, store and access records, manage equipment inventory, offer insight on predictive maintenance, and more.

5. Glad to Have You

Glad to Have You is another software tool from HomeAway Software. This automated tool is helpful for managing guest experiences at your rental properties. Property managers can use Glad to Have You to communicate with guests in real time, offer places for guests to leave reviews, show guests local event tickets they can purchase while in town, and maintain a library of helpful resources about a property, neighborhood, or town.

6. Fourandhalf

Property managers looking to grow their business can rely on Fourandhalf, a reputation management platform. Fourandhalf is a tool that manages property managers content marketing efforts, PPC ads, lead nurturing, web content, and more. Managers who are too busy managing properties to focus on marketing and business can rely on Fourandhalf to take care of that process for them.

For property managers, taking advantage of smart technology can help make the job easier and ensure that properties are safer and more enjoyable to live in for tenants and owners alike. 

Becky Bicks is a seasoned writer with experience in a wide variety of businesses within the real estate realm. She is based in New York.