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Secure touring: Partnered with CheckpointID–the leading online ID verification and fraud mitigation service in the multifamily market, CheckpointID verification is part of the Self-Guided Tours scheduling and touring process. Prospective residents simply scan their ID and take a live selfie to get verified.

ID Verification + Geo-fencing: When geo-fencing is enabled, the prospective resident will receive the code only when they are within the designated geo-fence area, helping to deter fraudulent activity.


With the PointCentral video solution, asset protection is simplified and seamless: better security awareness, industry-leading AI detection, and 24/7 protection mode.

World-class & proactive protection with Video Analytics and Perimeter Guard®: scan, detect, and alert when a person, an animal, or a car enters the property to deter potential bad actors


Water Dragon is a non-intrusive water leakage detection device for long-term rental properties that use supported pipe types and diameters giving property managers and property owners peace of mind. No plumber required.

Using ultrasonic technology to monitor water flow throughout the property’s entire pipe system, the Water Dragon sends alerts about unexpected water activity. By catching small leaks before they become big problems, you can avoid mold and property damage.

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