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What is your favorite restaurant & where is it?

My favorite restaurant is Riverside Steak & Seafood in Swansboro, North Carolina—right near Emerald Isle beach. It’s been a 30+ year tradition to go with my mom’s extended family (35 people and growing) every summer. Growing up, us grandkids were most excited for the sweet potato muffins and after-dinner chocolates. Now, we always get our grandfather’s favorite—the crabcakes.

You are a Product Manager II on the Property Manager Interfaces team. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

The Property Manager Interfaces team focuses on providing property managers with an intuitive platform that showcases community data and information in an engaging way. With this platform, property managers can efficiently oversee their properties through reporting, notifications, and, in the future, advanced dashboards.

What are you most excited about on the Property Manager Interfaces team right now?

Currently, I’m working on the Self-Guided Tours project, which is really exciting. I’ve had opportunities to perform hands-on research, interview customers, and partner with other teams to understand the impact of Self-Guided Tours, which are a popular up-and-coming market. It’s been very rewarding to play a role in PointCentral’s offering.

Fostering a space for collaboration and open dialogue is important to you. What do you find to be the most impactful in spaces like this?

I believe collaboration and open dialogue are critical in empowering highly motivated teams. The more comfortable people are with vulnerability and teamwork, the more likely they are to exchange new ideas. Some of our hardest problems have been solved by impromptu comments and anecdotes! This can remind team members that all their contributions are unique and valuable.

What advice would you give to someone looking to increase collaboration within their team?

A big way to increase collaboration within a team is establishing that mistakes are inevitable and even embraced. People are often more willing to take a risk knowing they’ll be supported regardless of the outcome. This can lead to some of the best solution generation and partnerships. Ice breakers and games can be a great method to develop this kind of trust (sometimes the sillier, the better)!

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