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The “Key” to Vacation Rental Safety? Give Keys to Everyone

Vacation rental safety keys

Yes, that headline might seem crazy. But that is what many VRMs are doing, albeit unintentionally. Let me explain how this is happening. Tech and PMS Systems Are Great for Guests and Property Owners With the explosion of private accommodations in recent years, comfort, convenience and safety are now part of guests’ standard expectation. Technology, such as modern PMS systems…

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2019 Residential Property Management #PropTech Predictions

Property technology

2018 is officially wrapped up, and from a property automation standpoint, it was an exciting year! With home automation technology now in 33 percent of U.S. households, it’s clear that demand for this technology continues to rapidly grow. Consumers are finding increasing value in the safety, savings and convenience provided by home automation. From the rental property owner and operator…

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Hub

Buying a hub

This piece is part two of an article originally published on LinkedIn. Read part one here and see the full article here.   At one level, choosing a hub is about the method that different devices use to communicate to one another and to the internet. But choosing a hub is also about the communication enhancements (i.e. apps, dashboards, and voice…

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To Hub or Not to Hub?

To hub or not to hub?

This piece is part one of an article originally published on LinkedIn. See the full article here.  I started out against hubs. They just seemed like an unnecessary cost and complication as part of home automation setup. But, just as broadband internet needed WiFi routers to help permeate internet access through our households, I now see hubs as a critical component…

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Why We Created PointCentral


In our contemporary age of Alexa’s and Siri’s, terms like “smart home” and “Internet of Things (IOT),” are much more than just buzzwords. The beauty of PointCentral is that we helped evolve IoT as well as home automation technology, taking them from novelties to practical business tools. In our case, we designed IoT technologies and services focused on helping short…

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