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Last year nearly a third of travelers booked short-term rentals for their spring break vacations. This figure is likely to increase even more this season now that traveler confidence is returning and more short stay properties have joined the market. According to Vacasa, the reason travelers choose short-term rentals during spring break is due to their value for money (65%) and access to a full kitchen (56%).

Spring break marks the first major holiday of the year in the US, kicking off the peak season for property managers. It offers lucrative, revenue-boosting potential for those in the sector. So, how can short-term rental property managers make the most of this and boost appeal to spring break travelers?

How to attract spring break guests to your short-term rentals

1. Keep listings up to date

Rule number one for attracting guests to your short stay property: update your listings! Make sure you’re including quality photographs and thorough descriptions. If you’re trying to appeal to spring break travelers, be sure to detail local attractions, such as historic landmarks or beaches, in your property information. Doing so can help travelers find your property when searching for these areas.

2. Use a dynamic pricing tool

Finding the right pricing for your short-term rental is a fine art. On the one hand, you want to maximize your revenue potential, but on the other, you need to remain appealing to bookers who will be comparing your property to those of competitors. According to the market analysis platform Key Data, spring break average daily rates (ADR) were up to 31% higher last year compared to the previous season, and in some areas 79% higher than 2019 rates, suggesting a promising outlook for this year. Utilizing a dynamic pricing tool can help you find the right balance so you don’t turn away any profit this season.

3. Provide a five-star experience

When property managers go the extra mile to provide positive guest experiences, their short-term rental reviews speak for themselves. Great guest feedback does wonders for encouraging browsing travelers to commit to booking a property. But how can you achieve the five-star guest experience?

Give guests what they want. The best way to do this is to keep on top of industry trends and guest demands, such as contactless check-in, which enables guests to arrive on their own time and access the property via smart lock technology.

The foundation for giving guests a five-star experience begins before they arrive at your property. Here are our top tips for prepping your short-term rentals ready for a busy season…

How to prepare your short-term rental for spring break travelers

Ensure properties are well maintained

Guests will expect the same level of quality in your properties as promised in the listing photographs, so be sure to keep your short-term rentals in good shape. Rental property maintenance doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Automated technology can help you keep on top of maintenance needs including water leaks, HVAC system repairs, and more. IoT-connected sensors and smart home devices enable property managers to take a proactive approach toward the maintenance of short-term rentals, as platform alerts will enable you to fix issues before any lasting damage is done.

Install noise monitoring technology

While it’s really important to prioritize the experience of your short-term rental guests, it’s just as beneficial to your business to protect the experience of neighbors. As spring break is typically associated with college students, it’s important to acknowledge the potential risks of unauthorized parties or noise disturbances. Implementing appropriate measures ensures you maintain great relationships with neighboring homeowners.

Installing smart noise monitoring technology can protect your property and business from stays where guests become a little too noisy. The in-unit device measures decibel levels and will alert property managers of instances where limits are exceeded, so out-of-hand stays can be addressed before disturbances lead to complaints and possibly damage.

Streamline the turnover process

Property cleanliness is paramount for a good guest experience. Ensure your properties are in the best shape possible for every single booking by creating a streamlined turnover process. Use access technology to support your team’s operations. For example, check-out codes can inform housekeeping when a property is ready for cleaning, this minimizing your involvement. And once that team is finished, their leaving code will trigger an alert to the inspections team, speeding up the entire turnover process.

One of the most lucrative short-term rental booking periods is fast approaching — so make sure your properties are guest-ready. Attract travelers with up-to-date listings, competitive prices, and five-star experiences, and keep guests and the surrounding community happy by installing automated smart home tech, like noise monitoring systems.

To find out more on how noise monitoring can benefit your short-term rental business, check out our recent blog on the tech product.