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The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has dazzled audiences with the latest technological breakthroughs for over 50 years. It’s the place where leading-edge tech is introduced to a discerning audience, and 2019 was one of the most exciting years to date, with over 4,400 exhibitors and 182,000 attendees from 160 countries. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s January show.


Home Automation

Smart technology relies on apps, so it’s easy to implement. You can use devices that you’re already familiar with, and Bluetooth functionality negates the need for expensive hardware and vulnerable on-premises solutions.

The Consumer Electronics Show focused on automating your home through smart technology. Smart home solutions enable vacation rental and residential property managers to remotely control access to properties, monitor heating and cooling functions, and receive notifications if something goes wrong, from wherever they are in the world. This can help property owners protect their properties from expensive damage, cut energy costs, track access and keep up-to-date with property information.

Smart screens were big news at CES 2019 with Amazon’s Echo Show, Google’s Home Hub and Samsung’s Bixby-enabled Galaxy claiming to automate and control every aspect of your home. From appliances, entertainment and ordering online, your smart screens will also display recipes or help you video chat with family and friends.


Vehicles and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has established itself firmly as the future of the automobile industry. To enhance your driving experience, cars connect to the cloud and merge information collected through sensors with related, useful information on the cloud. This could mean accessing real-time traffic information on the cloud to plan your route or knowing where snow ploughs are so you don’t get stuck behind one on the drive home. For example, Nissan’s innovations could help you find the last parking spot, caution you against tailgating or even project a 3D avatar that can help your teenager learn to drive.

Electric, driverless shuttles may be the future of city commutes—even Harley Davidson has gone electric, revealing its first electric bike, the LiveWire, to an enthusiastic reception at CES 2019.


Health, Beauty and Safety

Beauty tech is a sector that has been steadily growing, and the trends at CES 2019 showed it is gaining an audience. L’Oreal unveiled the La Roche-Posay My Skin Track wearable tech which measures your skin’s pH and makes skincare recommendations to correct any imbalances.

Smart watches just got smarter with the GPS-enabled Vivoactive which enables your smartphone to send a discreet message with your location to your emergency contact list should you encounter difficulties.

Baby monitors are getting a makeover. Devices like the Miku Baby Monitor combine camera, radar and acoustic sensors so you can monitor your baby’s sleep patterns and breathing. The devices also monitor humidity and temperature to ensure baby is always comfortable.