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At PointCentral, we know there’s value in developing partnerships with leading tech operators in the lodging landscape. That’s why we’re proud to partner with property care and operations platform Breezeway.

We caught up with Brittney Bergevin, Breezeway’s Growth Marketing Manager, to find out how its technology supports property managers in running and scaling their businesses.

Please introduce yourself and your role as Growth Marketing Manager at Breezeway.

As Growth Marketing Manager at Breezeway, an integral part of my job is fostering relationships with our partners and creating new attribution channels. Our integrations are vital to our growth; we see some of our greatest wins within our partnership opportunities.

Personally, I enjoy spending my free time hiking and being outdoors. This love of adventure fits perfectly with a career in the vacation rental industry at Breezeway.

Could you tell us a little bit about Breezeway as a property care and operations platform?

Breezeway’s platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work to deliver the best service experience to our clients.

With tools for intelligent task scheduling, quality assurance, real-time work coordination, guest messaging, supply management, owner reporting, and more, Breezeway helps thousands of short-term rental hosts and hospitality operators increase their operational efficiency, eliminate hours of manual work, and boost service revenue.

How does Breezeway’s technology support property managers in streamlining and scaling their businesses?

Breezeway makes portfolio growth more attainable through automation. For example, you can automate scheduling to smartly assign the right job to the right person at the right time.
Our tools allow for a centralized view of your operations, from cleaning programs to guest communication.

With our property care and operation services, hosts are able to equip staff with digital checklists and mobile apps. This technology keeps teams and service partners on the same page and focused on completing detailed work.

Managers can also review and access custom reports and documents to draft preventative maintenance schedules, safety reviews, and inspection reports that are tailored to each home. They’ll be able to deliver timely and effective communications to guests through two-way SMS messaging to easily fulfill service requests, maximize positive reviews, and generate return bookings. What’s more, they can create and share owner reports to build trust, retain owners, and scale their management business through asset management and property data.

Since starting in 2017, the platform has facilitated 12 million property tasks, 6 million guest messages, and 24 million reservations. What role has tech innovation played in helping you reach these impressive stats?

With industry growth comes product updates! Our product and development teams have been working to help our clients drive quality. We have achieved this through several updates and improvements to our operations and messaging products.

In 2022, we released various new features, including Automated Workflows, Bulk Messaging, Custom Stay Messaging, Inventory Tracking, and language localization and communication through our WhatsApp integration.

This year we’ve seen a huge increase in investment in the hospitality technology space. How does Breezeway ensure its innovations stay ahead of the curve?

We’re always listening to the needs of the market and our customers. For example, with our growing international presence, we saw the need for our messaging product to be used abroad and localized to commonly used international languages. To address this, we now integrate with WhatsApp to allow for guest messaging beyond the US. On our operations side, our task scheduling feature made a huge improvement with Automated Workflows allowing work to be customized by property.

We’re proud of PointCentral and Breezeway’s partnership. What excites you about the integration? How do your customers benefit most from using PointCentral’s technology?

Thousands of properties are already using PointCentral and Breezeway together to automate their operations. Through our one-way integration, we can pull data from PointCentral to better organize managers’ operational tasks.

Breezeway’s integration with PointCentral’s smart locks makes for a smarter check-in and check-out process. Each time a guest checks out of a property, Breezeway automatically sends the housekeeper a notification that he or she can start the job. This means that housekeepers are already turning over properties, and Pointcentral clients no longer need to monitor for check-out codes or communicate with housekeepers. This efficiency is what we strive for as it ties to our mission of automating operations to give property managers more time to deliver five-star experiences to guests.

One example is the Newman-Dailey Case study, where Breezeway’s integration with PointCentral transformed the business’s processes. They told us that, “Breezeway’s connection with PointCentral has been amazing, and has totally changed our approach to property care. It’s saved us time and has increased guest satisfaction. We’ve had nothing but good feedback.”

Automated notifications give Newman-Dailey’s staff more time to ensure property readiness while creating opportunities for guests to check in early. The combination of our tools and PointCentral’s technology helped Newman-Dailey Resort Properties Inc boost its guest satisfaction and, in turn, strengthen its reputation in the saturated vacation rental market.

The hospitality industry has seen its fair share of challenges over recent years. Has Breezeway faced any particular hurdles, and if so, how has it overcome them? Any learnings to share? What does 2023 have in store for Breezeway?

The volume of vacation rentals in the market has grown dramatically over the past few years. We are constantly adapting our product offerings to meet the demands of guests and stay in line with industry growth.

With financial uncertainties on the horizon, professional managers will need to take a closer look at their operating costs and bottom lines. Making sure their tech stacks are efficient and equipped for their needs will be the differentiating factor in success.

If you could give one piece of advice to property managers in navigating the ever-changing hospitality landscape, what would it be?

As tech continues to be adopted throughout the industry, we must keep empowering property owners to implement tools that streamline operations. With Breezeway, they’ll gain a holistic understanding of all their property-related tasks. This will, in turn, improve service delivery and the overall guest experience, increasing the quality and brand standards offered by property managers.

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