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Smart home technology trends are becoming so common that no one bats an eyelash when they hear you call out, “Alexa, turn off the kitchen lights!” or “Alexa, play some Frank Sinatra!” However, when it comes to fully-integrated smart homes with all the bells and whistles — like a smart thermostat, smart locks, smart shades, smart lighting, and smart security — this technology isn’t quite as common in rental properties, and that could be a mistake.

Smart home technology can offer a lot of benefits to rental property owners by helping them manage their properties more efficiently. But smart tech in rental properties adds many benefits for short- and long-term renters as well — and this will help property owners keep their units full. Here are three ways renters benefit from smart technology trends:

1. No More Losing Keys

Smart locks and keyless entry systems that renters access through their smartphones create a lot of convenience for modern renters. The primary benefit of having a keyless entry system? Renters no longer risk losing their keys and getting locked out of their homes. This also benefits landlords because they won’t receive late-night emergency calls from renters asking to be let into their homes. 

PointCentral offers smart locks with keypads for easy entry. In addition to ease-of-entry for themselves, renters can unlock their doors remotely from their smartphone to let people into their homes without needing to be physically present.

2. Feeling Safe and Secure at Home

Smart security systems are an excellent way to help renters feel safe. Many of these security systems use motion detectors, video cameras, night-vision, and two-way audio from smart home assistants within the home. Renters can tap into these devices for live audio and video feeds at any time using their smartphones. This allows them to monitor what’s happening inside their homes, helping them feel safer no matter where they are.

Additional smart home technology trends that give renters peace of mind include smart smoke detectors that alert renters when a fire breaks out, smart carbon monoxide detectors that notify renters when there are poisonous fumes, and smart water valves that shut off the water when there’s a leak. These devices also send notices to renters’ smartphones when no one is at home. 

3. Saving Money on Utilities

Smart thermostats help renters save money on their monthly energy bills, and saving money in any capacity is an excellent perk that can help property owners fill vacancies. Also, because smart thermostats conserve energy, they are attractive to environmentally conscious renters.

Some rental property owners may also want to consider a smart HVAC system for multifamily and rental properties, which will notify property owners of HVAC maintenance issues as soon as they arise. This ensures proper maintenance of HVAC equipment and prevents unnecessary expenses related to unaddressed HVAC problems. 

Turn Your Rental Units Into Smart Properties with PointCentral
PointCentral allows a single person to remotely manage smart devices — smart thermostats, access control for maintenance people, lighting, and more — all from an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Beyond making the jobs of property managers easier, PointCentral also improves the lives of renters who live in their properties. In this guide, we’ve only showcased a few ideas on how some smart technology trends can benefit renters. Please feel free to contact the PointCentral team to explore additional ways that we can help.

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