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June 2020

Smart Apartments: How Smart Home Tech Is Changing Apartment Rentals

Successful property managers are experts at knowing what renters want. Whether it’s perks like swimming pools, gyms, modern window treatments or free coffee in the lobby, the last couple decades have seen the same kinds of “extras” added to properties to attract new renters. But now that we’re getting deeper into 2020, the modern “tech generation” is hungry for something…

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How to Increase the Value of Your Rental with Smart Home Automation

There’s no question that people’s values change over time, and as a consequence, the things they value in their rentals change as well. For today’s rental properties, it’s not enough to be clean, well-photographed and well-reviewed. You must also find a way to differentiate your property so that renters know that it provides an experience and sense of escapism that…

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Using Smart Home Devices to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Smart devices have a unique blend of attributes. They get real-time information from the internet, use artificial intelligence to learn about the inhabitants’ habits and are great at doing the math behind optimization. So it’s no mystery that nearly most successful rental owners have retrofitted their properties with smart home devices to save on utility costs. These cost-effective and easy…

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Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Summer 2020

The entire country is taking a timeout from real life to follow the hunkering-down, stay-at-home orders, as the government tries to limit the spread of Coronavirus. As a result, traditional spring break vacations have been postponed or canceled. But once this pandemic has passed, many people will be eager to celebrate with a vacation.  That means that real property investors…

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Sick Building Syndrome: What Is It and How Can IoT Help?

When we think of air pollution, we imagine hazards such as a coal-burning factory emitting thick, black smoke, an old jalopy with too much engine exhaust, or a layer of cough-inducing smog hanging over a city skyline. We don’t think about the air quality in our homes and offices. Nevertheless, the condition of the air inside the buildings where we…

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Why Smart Home Tech Will Be a Multifamily Necessity

“Smart Home Tech” might sound like something from the future, a luxury that only the wealthy can afford—but if you’re a multifamily apartment complex manager, it’s time to understand that the future is already here.  These days, smart home technology is more than just a “fancy perk” that attracts high-income renters to live in multifamily luxury units. In fact, smart…

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