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The term “smart technology” conjures images of The Jetsons. We think of George Jetson flying to work in the morning with his robot nanny Rosie. But that’s not what it means to be “smart” when you’re a piece of technology.

If you replace the term “smart” with “connected,” you’ll get closer to the truth.

Smart technology involves: (1) a computer; (2) the ability to connect to the internet; and (3) the capacity to send and receive information. A smart device could be as small as your smartphone or wristwatch, or as big as a home.

A Smart Home Isn’t That Different from a Smartphone

At PointCentral, we offer smart technology that turns your home into an internet-connected, smart device—not that different from a smartphone.

Think about it: Your smartphone has a tiny, internet-connected computer inside, along with a mix of interconnected components like a display screen, a video camera, speakers, a vibrator, an LED indicator and a flashlight.

A smart home is the same. It has an internet-connected computer, along with a mix of interconnected “smart” components.

Here’s a list of connected components you might find in a smart home:

  •       A security system
  •       A variety of automatic door locks
  •       A garage door
  •       Intercoms
  •       Video cameras
  •       Video screens
  •       Automated appliances and furniture
  •       A sprinkler system for the lawn
  •       Motorized shades
  •       Remote lighting
  •       Ceiling fans
  •       Ventilation, heating and cooling systems
  •       A thermostat
  •       A doorbell
  •       And more

In a PointCentral smart property, you can access and control the components in your smart home via your computer or smartphone, regardless of where you happen to be in the world. It’s that interconnectedness—the fact you can send and receive information to and from your home—that makes it smart.  

Now, try expanding this idea to a thousand homes or a thousand apartment units. Then, connect a property manager to all of them via a cellphone, tablet or laptop. Life just got a lot easier for the property manager.

What Can Smart Technology Do for Property Managers?

As a property manager, it takes a lot of time to visit every unit to perform different tasks. These tasks might be as simple as changing the thermostat or turning off the water in the winter. On a regular basis, property managers might need to:

  •       Check on empty homes and apartment units
  •       Make heating and irrigation adjustments
  •       Unlock doors for repair people
  •       And, a great deal more

Visiting three or four properties like this could take the whole day. But what if you could do it all without leaving the office? At PointCentral, our enterprise-scale, smart property automation solutions relieve property managers of the time-burden requirement to visit properties for simple tasks. They can do everything in the comfort of their office or home if they want.

Enterprise-Scale Smart Property Automation: In Action

If you’ve ever wanted a “Jetsons” home of the future, a PointCentral property is the closest thing to it. Moreover, prospective tenants and homebuyers love the idea of living in a home with all this tech. Let’s look at the capabilities of a PointCentral home equipped with enterprise smart property automation, and how property managers benefit:

Centralized control: Property managers can access and control all the different smart devices in thousands of homes from a single laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Heating and cooling control: If summer is coming, property managers can change the heating and cooling settings on all their properties with the touch of a button—and without the need to physically visit the properties.

Keyless Access Control: If maintenance workers, staff, or a potential tenant is visiting a property, managers can send a one-time lock code or open a locked door without being present in person.

Remote water leak shut-off: An undetected water leak can devastate your property and cause extensive damage. PointCentral devices can detect leaks and notify management to shut off the main water valve remotely.


Maybe we haven’t built a Jetsons Rosie the Robot (yet), but a PointCentral property is as futuristic as smart technology gets. More importantly, our enterprise-scale smart home automation products turn property managers into miracle workers for their residents and property owners.