Apply to Become an Authorized Service Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PointCentral Authorized Service Provider. The information on this page will help educate the PointCentral Partner Program Team on your business as a whole, your focus on the residential property management industry, and potential opportunities that you may have in the segment. As you may know, the PointCentral solution is not currently available for all service providers, so this information will be used to evaluate the partnership fit at this point in time.

Once this information has been submitted, our team will be in touch within 3 business days. If qualified, we will arrange an introductory phone call between our Partner Program Team and the CEO/Owner/Principal and Head of Sales from your company to provide more information about the Program and partnership expectations. After that, you will be enrolled in an online course for further details about the program, product, industry, and strategies for success to ensure that the Program is a good fit for you. Upon completion of the online course, final paperwork will be sent to formalize acceptance into the PointCentral Partner Program.