Smart Home Technology That Helps You Take Back Control of Single Family Rental Management

Enterprise Property Automation That:

Increases Occupancy and Delights Residents

Attract residents who are willing to pay more to live in a smart home, and keep them happy by providing convenient living and reduced interruptions by maintenance.

Improves Operations

Eliminate the hassle and time spent on key management by eliminating physical keys and being able to control access remotely.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Reduce costs associated with key management and prevent costly maintenance projects through increased property awareness and real-time alerts.

Wondering What We Can Do for You?

We provide technologies that make running your business easier, keep residents happy, and lower your maintenance and labor costs:

Keyless Locks
Garage Control
Smart Thermostats
& HVAC Analytics
Water Management
Voice Control
Monitored Products
Seamless Integrations with Property Management Software

Why Work With Us:

A Proven Solution Backed
by a Trusted Name
Specific Focus on Residential
Property Managers
Data Security
and Reliability

At PointCentral, we understand that your day-to-day operations 
consume valuable time and money.

3 Ways Single Family Property Managers Can Increase Occupancy and Retention

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Since 2011, we’ve been developing, installing, and monitoring enterprise property automation systems that remove hassle, delight guests, and improve the bottom line.