Enterprise Smart Home Solutions

That Deliver Significant Operational Savings For Property Managers and Asset Enhancement for Asset Managers

Operational Benefits

No more lost keys by tenants, staff or vendors

Enterprise settings to automatically control thermostat, locks and lighting in vacant units

HVAC operational history to help diagnose tenant HVAC problems

Tie in water sensors to know when a leak starts

Integration with multiple property management software companies

Enterprise system allows for one person to control thousands of systems

Optional installation force can supplement existing staff

Revenue Enhancements

  • Differentiate your properties by offering tenants a feature they want and will pay for – Smart Home
  • Millenials and baby boomers will pay up to 20% more for units with home automation
  • Incremental add-ons allow tenants to do more with their smart home system and thus stay longer in a property
  • Tenants control their home through one central point, with android and iOS apps, an Apple TV app , an Apple Watch app and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Tools to train leasing agents and make tenants aware of smart home benefits

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