Give Your Residents The Convenience and Security of Smart Home Technology

Gain Happier Customers and More Revenue

PointCentral commercial-grade Smart Home Automation solutions are the most reliable, cellular-based systems available for multi-family buildings, enabling centralized control of access and temperature.

The PointCentral Smart Hub connects to the cellular network and communicates to the smart locks and thermostats via the industry standard Z-Wave protocol – proven in more than 5 million homes in the U.S.

Watch this video. It will show you what Smart Home can do for you.

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PointCentral Smart Home Technology

Improve Operations and Increase Revenue

  • Eliminating Keys Streamlines Turn Times
  • Centralized Control Makes Operations More Efficient
  • Residents Will Pay More for Smart Home Convenience

PointCentral Smart Home Technology

Improve The Renter Experience

  • Residents Love the Convenience
  • Eliminating Keys Improves Security
  • They Can Control Locks and Thermostats From Their Phone
  • They Will Spend Less On Energy
  • Happier Residents Stay Longer

“I would like to see smart-house technology used in the complex. This includes smart locks in apartments, mobile accessibility for common-area access, keyless entry, USB ports built into outlets and pre-built TV mounts.” —San Antonio Renter

PointCentral Smart Home Technology

Gain A Competitive Advantage

  • People Prefer to Rent Smart Homes
  • Happier Residents Tell Their Friends
  • You Can Do More With Less

“It would be nice to have programmable thermostats, so that I can reduce energy use when I’m at work without having to remember to change the thermostat manually.” —Newark, Del. Renter