Internet of Things: How To Determine Fact vs. Fiction [The Importance of Due Diligence]

Last week I discussed the value of smart technology and how it is starting to revolutionize business practices: The Internet of Things WILL Change Your Business | Hype vs. Realty I mentioned there are two levels to the discussion of smart technology: Do you see the value smart technology can bring to your business? How will you differentiate vendors and…

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9 Factors for Vacation Rental Vendor Success [And the Importance for Your VRM]

A hearty “Congratulations” is in order for the fine folks at Glad to Have You (GTHY). It was announced last week that Glad to Have You was acquired by vacation rental big dog, HomeAway. As Amy Hinote points out on VRMIntel, to many, the acquisition of this 2-year old start-up tech company may seem like a “Cinderella story, but Glad…

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