Smart Home Control Seminar

Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Testimonial: Bennington Properties

Bennington Properties is located in beautiful Bend, OR. If you’ve never been to Bend, it’s well worth the visit! Bennington has been in business since 1998 and manages almost 200 vacation rental homes. For years, they offered their guests the convenience of direct-to-house check-in through their “secure” (or not so secure :)) lockbox system. Bennington recognized the limitations and risks…

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Smart Home Control Seminar: An In-Depth Review of the Benefits of Home Automation for Vacation Rental Managers

Over the past nine months, we have hosted five Smart Home Control Seminars at PointCentral client sites – i.e. vacation rental managers that have implemented PointCentral smart home control. One at Sunriver Resort (Bend, OR), three at All Star Vacation Homes (Orlando, FL), and we just completed our latest party seminar this week at Winter Park Lodging Company (Winter Park,…

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