Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Testimonial: Sun Palace Vacations

I’ve discussed the technology adoption cycle a few times: Technology Adoption Cycle: VRMs Adopting Smart Home Control to Improve Operations Technology Adoption Speeding Up: Smart Home Control Spreading Fast Smart home technology is spreading fast (thanks Google & Apple!), but we are still in the beginning of the technology adoption cycle. I experience this first hand when I talk with…

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Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Sweeping the Nation

Much Thanks to Our Partners Vacation rental smart home control is spreading fast. VRM’s across the country are quickly embracing the great benefits of “enterprise” home automation. We want to take a brief pause to offer a HUGE “thanks” to all the PointCentral partners listed below. VR Smart Home Control Stats First, a quick look at some telling VR smart…

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It’s Official: PointCentral & LiveRez Join Forces to Move the Vacation Rental Industry Towards Smart Home Control

Last week I (unofficially) announced that PointCentral and LiveRez have partnered to offer a “tight” integration for vacation rental managers. The partnership announcement is now official. Press releases have been released…to the press. 🙂 You can find the full press release on the LiveRez blog: Vacation Rental Technology Leaders LiveRez & PointCentral Introduce the Next Big Innovation in the Management…

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PointCentral & LiveRez Partnership: Vacation Rental Software Meets VRM Smart Home Control

Sometimes, the wheels of change seem to turn slowly – I’ve been squawking about the awesomeness of vacation rental smart home control for many moons. But once the momentum starts to churn, the pace can increase fast. PointCentral and LiveRez have been discussing a potential partnership for almost two years. Long before most VR industry players knew “enterprise” smart home…

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