Due Diligence

The WiFi (Dis)Advantage: Why Managed Connectivity MUST be Priority No. 1 for VRM Smart Home Control

I’ve discussed the great difference between WiFi and cellular smart home control a number of times. You can find a list of my ramblings below. The glaring difference between WiFi and cellular smart home is becoming increasingly evident. Connectivity = Customer Experience As I mentioned a few days ago, Lockitron recently dumped WiFi due to poor performance that directly impacted…

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Internet of Things: How To Determine Fact vs. Fiction [The Importance of Due Diligence]

Last week I discussed the value of smart technology and how it is starting to revolutionize business practices: The Internet of Things WILL Change Your Business | Hype vs. Realty I mentioned there are two levels to the discussion of smart technology: Do you see the value smart technology can bring to your business? How will you differentiate vendors and…

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