Travel Advantage Network (TAN) is more than just a short-term rental management company; with 1000 units in 47 markets and a novel pricing structure that allows clients to buy vacation weeks in bulk, TAN is in the business of providing affordable, worry-free vacations.

Since the company was founded in 1992, TAN clients have taken over 1,000,000 of these vacations throughout the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Vacation time is precious, but the inconvenience of exchanging physical keys posed a significant challenge. Instead of diving straight into their vacation, guests were required to make a detour to a physical check-in site. Bill Hill, Operations Director of TAN, emphasizes the value of time in today’s fast-paced world, especially when planning a vacation years in advance, “You’re there for seven days. You want to get in your unit as soon as possible.”

Guests spent 15 minutes checking in and picking up their keys if everything went smoothly. But if something went wrong – a guest accidentally drove to the wrong check-in location or lost their keys during their vacation – it could eat up hours of time and potentially ruin their vacation.

Traditional keyed locks disrupted guests’ experiences and impeded operational efficiency. Employees were dedicating valuable time assisting guests check-in or driving to rental units to help guests who had been locked out. The company also incurred significant expenses in renting and operating check-in centers. Recognizing the industry-wide shift towards direct check-ins, TAN acknowledged the importance of implementing smart property technology for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Meeting guest expectations

When it came time to modernize its approach to guest access and check-in, TAN turned to PointCentral. More than just providing smart locks, PointCentral offers an entire smart property ecosystem that integrates with existing property management systems and can be controlled through a single dashboard. Now, instead of long waits at the check-in office, guests can go straight to the property and check in using automatically generated key codes. The difference is night and day.

“We’re now able to meet guests’ expectations and get them checked in faster, so they start their vacation sooner,” says Hill. “And if they get off to the right start, then a lot of other things fall into place and go a lot smoother.”

Now, when a guest locks themselves out of a property, TAN employees can remotely assist them in a fraction of the time. Instead of an hour or two, Hill notes, “With the PointCentral system in place, we’re able to dial in within one to two minutes.”

When TAN adopted PointCentral, they gained more than just a way to allow direct check-in. They received a comprehensive management tool that has drastically improved operational efficiency and saved them thousands of dollars.

“PointCentral has been invaluable in reducing response times and lowering maintenance costs as well as improving the guest check-in experience.”

Shawntel Dairsow, Client Resolutions Manager

Eliminating overhead costs

They’ve eliminated physical check-in centers and the related costs of renting and maintaining them while freeing up employee time to focus on guest satisfaction. They’ve also reduced as much as 15% off electricity bills with smart thermostats that can be adjusted remotely or set to automatically optimize vacant properties to minimize consumption.

Because many tasks that previously required valuable employee hours can now be done remotely, Hill and his team can redirect their focus to other maintenance tasks that enhance the overall guest experience. “Being able to do those things remotely allows us to prioritize other things like TVs or plumbing issues or electrical issues, and move those to the top of the list,” says Hill.

“It's dramatically helped in being able to prioritize and get more work done in less time.”

Bill Hill, Operations Director

Reduced response time from hours, to 1-2 minutes

Saved up to 15% in utility bills

Implemented direct check-ins, saving thousands in overhead


TAN is dedicated to providing stress-free vacation rentals, and with the help of PointCentral, they have enhanced the value provided to their guests. With direct check-ins, guests can enjoy their vacation even sooner and not worry about the stress of losing a key or getting locked out. TAN successfully eliminated overhead costs associated with physical check-ins, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. They utilized PointCentral’s integrated platform to streamline processes for employees, enhance the vacation experience for guests, and decrease overall operational costs for the company.

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