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What is your favorite restaurant & where is it (City, State)?

Queen’s English in Washington D.C. (Columbia Heights)! 

Tell us about your Program Management background and your journey to PointCentral.

My journey began with web development and diversified into roles in customer and production/operational support I transitioned to project management to further enrich my skillset, and eventually came to PointCentral as a Program Manager—which allowed me to blend all these past experiences together. One of the highlights of my journey has been the opportunity to work across different industries like healthcare tech, media, and more, allowing me to come in with a diverse set of knowledge and a unique perspective!

What is Program Management & how does your role interact with our greater team?

Program Management can vary among teams and companies. However, at PointCentral, my main responsibility as a Program Manager lies in partnering closely with Product Managers, assisting them with the necessary tools and support to see projects through from ideation to fruition. My fundamental objective is to ensure seamless operation of process pipelines and to identify + tackle any potential obstacles. In addition, I oversee the usage of Jira/Confluence, manage reporting in Jira, and take part in strategic roadmapping initiatives. Overall, my role is a mix of operational efficiency, tactical support, and big picture planning. It’s about constructing an environment that fosters collaboration and effective project/product management.

Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you with the product team.

My day is never the same. However, every night I review my upcoming meetings for the next day and plan for how and when I prep for those meetings. Prepping on meetings can take a bit of time too, since I want to make sure I spend the time reading and understanding what will be discussed. If I’m light on meetings, I have a list of to-dos or maintenance work I can pick up on (such as cleaning up Confluence, Jira tickets, etc.).

You are passionate about connection in the workplace. What are some ways you stay connected with your team at PointCentral?

I firmly believe that the strength in teamwork is anchored in our connection to each other. Professionally, I stay connected to my coworkers through open channels of communication and utilize our tools (like MS Teams) for daily interactions. On a personal level, I value relationships I form with coworkers and take the initiative to learn about their interests and experiences beyond the workplace. I find that fostering these relationships not only improves our work collaborations, but also makes our workplace a more enjoyable and engaging place to be. 

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to build stronger bonds with their team?

For the team, I highly suggest investing in team building events! There are so many activities you can do in-person or virtually to help bring people together. Individually, I highly encourage reaching out to grab lunch with co-workers or ask to take part in a coffee chat (even if it’s just for 15 to 30 minutes!) to get to know them better!

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