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Demand for extended stays continues to rise in the short-term rentals. Spurred on by the lack of travel in recent years and increased remote working flexibility, many are now making up for lost time. According to Amex Travel’s 2022 Global Travel Trend report, 55% of travelers are willing to take longer trips because they’re able to work remotely. Alongside this, blended travel (a trend in which business travelers seamlessly intertwine work and leisure) is also on the rise – replacing the previous bleisure trend and prompting longer corporate trips.

Travelers are adopting digital nomad lifestyles, experimenting with work and play, and taking long once-in-a-lifetime vacations. Research by Expedia shows that 46% believe travel is more important now than before, with 43% planning to up their travel budget in the coming year.

This market provides short-term rental property managers with a fantastic opportunity to boost booking capacity and revenue. But first, you’ll need to capture the attention of these potential guests. So, how do you get started? We’ve set out our top tips for attracting extended stay guests to your short-term rentals.

What is an extended stay?

The term extended stay refers to any accommodation booking that is longer than a typical vacation. Likely, these bookings will be between 7 and 30 days and, in some cases, can even span beyond this.

3 ways to attract extended stay guests to your short-term rentals

Create a home away from home

Those wanting to book a short-term rental for a longer period aren’t looking for a temporary oasis away from their home but rather a home away from home. Whether they’re remote working, making the most of a business trip, or taking a long-awaited vacation, comfort will be high on a guest’s wishlist when browsing listings. Ensure you show potential guests what your rental offers by describing amenities and providing professional photos of the rooms.

Many households in the US have adopted some form of smart home technology; according to, over half of renters have at least one device in their homes. One of the most common devices used by homeowners and renters alike is the smart thermostat, which our research shows 59% of short-term rentals guests have experience using. Installing familiar devices in your properties may attract guests who already use such tech in their homes.

Provide everyday convenience

In this hyperconnected world, guests heavily prioritize convenience. Short-term rental property managers can meet these priorities with convenient tech solutions. For example,  simplify the checking-in process with smart home technology, such as smart locks. Access technology gives guests greater flexibility over their stay right from the moment they arrive. This eliminates the need to worry about about reaching the rental in a specific time window to collect the keys from an employee or feeling anxious when flights are delayed. Instead, guests can ‘get there when they get there’ – a mindset many travelers are now adopting.

Fast WiFi is a must-have amenity for short-term rental guests. This is especially true for those looking for a place to hunker down and get work done, as well as those wanting to optimize every moment to fit in leisure around work. So, make sure you communicate the capabilities of your internet connection on listings, as potential guests will be searching for this.

Minimize interruptions

Extended stay guests, whether they be vacationers or digital nomads, are looking for a five-star guest experience. To achieve this, ensure your short-term rental is prepped for a great first impression and well maintained so that minor issues don’t arise during a guest’s stay. The last thing guests want is to be interrupted and inconvenienced.

Equip your rental with monitoring technology that keeps you up-to-date on issues in real time. Sensor-powered devices for everything from water management to heating and cooling empower property managers to be proactive with maintenance needs so that minor issues, such as ongoing leaks, can be resolved before they escalate. This IoT-connected tech can also help you identify when major issues develop, so you can send the relevant personnel to rectify the issue as soon as possible, minimizing any inconvenience to guests staying in the property.

Short-term rental property managers have a fantastic opportunity to boost bookings by appealing to the rising number of guests looking for extended stays. To achieve this, provide familiar tech amenities for convenience, create a home away from home, and minimize guest interruptions during their stay.

Ensure your guests aren’t the only ones having a great experience by using Smart Noise tech to minimize interruptions to your neighbors.