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Your Vacation Homes are Targets: The New Standard of Care & Security for Vacation Rental Management

By March 28, 2014 One Comment

burglar & keyI don’t mean to sound like a broken record (see related posts below :)), but some things bear repeating. And I believe the subject of vacation rental security is most definitely deserving of some repetition.

I mentioned this story in  my Art of War post the other day, but it was a bit buried in the text. So let’s call some greater attention to it, shall we?

Have you heard about the recent vacation home burglaries in N. California?

Burglars Targeting Sonoma County Vacation Homes

This is a strong reminder of what we already know:

  • Vacation rental properties are targets for crime.
  • Mechanical keys cannot be securely controlled.

Smart Home Control, including keyless access, is the New Standard of Care for VRMs:

[Download] VRM security white paper: Mechanical Keys: An Unnecessary Liability

[Watch] All Star Vacation Homes review discussing VRM security: All Star Vacation Homes Review

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