Why We Created PointCentral

By January 8, 2018 No Comments

In our contemporary age of Alexa’s and Siri’s, terms like “smart home” and “Internet of Things (IOT),” are much more than just buzzwords. The beauty of PointCentral is that we helped evolve IoT as well as home automation technology, taking them from novelties to practical business tools. In our case, we designed IoT technologies and services focused on helping short and long-term property managers. Specifically, we developed a platform that drives a significant return on investment for their businesses through operational efficiencies and asset enhancement.

PointCentral is a multifaceted system with diverse benefits. We created a tool that gives real-time control of user access without relying on mechanical keys, which can be lost, copied or stolen. This eliminates security concerns, re-keying costs, and other expenses related to physical key management systems. The PointCentral platform also manages HVAC systems by keeping the thermostat in a friendly but cost-efficient range, while also monitoring humidity levels to ensure properties are protected from potential mold damage. In addition, our system has door and window sensors that can trigger a notification if a door or window is opened to a property that is supposed to be vacant. Furthermore, our water sensors can inform a property manager if a property has high risk leak areas around water heaters, washing machines, sinks and toilets, helping to minimize water damage. Plus, our still image cameras can can photograph an unoccupied home if they sense motion, and our exterior video cameras help keep an eye on vacant properties and driveways. We also provide useful insight on how to make rental homes more desirable to residents, decreasing vacancy time and, ultimately, increasing the bottom line for property managers. Yep, PointCentral can pretty much do it all.

While we aren’t the only existing smart home automation solution on the market, PointCentral is the only provider with a system designed from the ground up as a business tool. Rather than trying to repurpose residential technology, our design is focused on the enterprise, built with top-of-mind awareness for the distinct needs of property managers. For this reason, PointCentral has become a valuable part of the business technology relied on by property managers every day.

We take data security very, very seriously. From device through transmission to processing and storage in our cloud, we go to great lengths to protect the information of our users. Plus, our service is incredibly dependable. Our core system relies on cellular technology instead of broadband internet or WiFi, which means fewer outages and less money out the door.

Let us exceed your expectations and help transform your business process. Contact us today for a free demonstration.