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Editor’s Note:  Conserving resources is crucial – time, energy & money. Over the next few days, we will share 3 (short) posts that demonstrate the power of smart energy management to help you conserve resources and please your homeowners.


What is Smart Energy Management?

Managing HVAC and pool heat is a strain on resources that  leads to wastes in energy, time, and money.

PointCentral gives you control of energy consumption across ALL of your homes.

Monitor & control energy for EVERY property from any web-enabled device.

  • Monitor & control HVAC remotely
  • Set high & low HVAC temperature limits
  • Control pool heat on/off remotely
  • Monitor pool heat temperature remotely
  • Set temperature notifications & alerts
Why Should You Care?

Smart energy management gives you control.
(Psssst….And a new revenue opportunity?!)

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce trips to the homes
  • Prevent A/C compressor issues
  • Create opportunities for proactive maintenance
  • Save homeowners 10-15%+ on energy bills
  • Create revenue by selling Energy Management as a service
  • Ensure comfortable settings upon guest arrival
Go green. Save money. Improve efficiency.

[Watch] Vacation Rental Smart Energy Management: All Star Vacation Homes CEO, and former VRMA President, Steve Trover discusses the impact of PointCentral energy management.

Coming up:

  • Part II: The Secret Sauce
  • Part III: VRM Case Study

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