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VRM Emergency Preparation: Save Valuable Time & Resources with Smart Home Control

By October 6, 2015 No Comments

Emergency preparation is never easy. Tensions are high, and resources are low. Time is short, and the to-do list is long.

Whether it’s flooding out west, snow in the mountains, or hurricanes on the east coast, we can all relate to the threats Mother Nature can send our way.

Emergency prep takes center stage. Securing your home and making sure everyone is safe becomes priority numero uno.

As vacation rental managers know well, this prep is multiplied exponentially when you manage 10, 100 or 1,000+ homes covering vast distances.

The logistics are mind boggling for VRMs during emergencies. It’s an all-hands-on-deck excursion that must be executed as quickly a possible. Every home must be touched and the clock is ticking. Every minute counts.

Hurricane Joaquin has been splashing around in the Atlantic for a number of days. Late last week, the track placed its target on the Outer Banks with winds in excess of 100 mph.

Luckily, Joaquin stayed out to sea, but it was close enough that the experienced Outer Banks VRMs rallied their troops to cover 50+ miles of beach to secure ALL homes. A daunting task.

As smart home control becomes a standard in the vacation rental industry, PointCentral clients are realizing the far-reaching benefits…like efficient, secure storm prep.

Imagine collecting, sorting, handing out, tracking, and recollecting keys for 300+ homes…on top of your daily operations. Yikes!

  • That’s a long process.
  • And who is tracking all those keys?
  • Did you get them all back?
  • Any copies made?
  • How do you/homeowner know the home was actually checked?

Enter PointCentral.

When I arrived to work yesterday morning, I was greeted by a pleasant message from one of our Outer Banks clients sharing a storm prep team communication. They didn’t choose PointCentral to improve their storm prep, but they sure did reap some added benefits…


Some of you have been running around for days now handling storm issues. Thank you everyone for your efforts.

We take it for granted now…….

But it would have been a MAJOR pain in the butt if we had to put together hurricane rings of keys for each route, and get them to correct people, and then split them up for those working after the first couple of days, and then get them back together for the post storm festivities.

We certainly reaped the benefits of the keyless locks over the past few days.

Thanks again to all who have worked tirelessly, in the pouring rain and monsoon winds, to keep the circus on the road.

Glad we could play a part in your storm prep Seaside Vacations!