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Vacation Rental Smart Home Control: The Most Strategic Operations Decision You WILL Make

By September 26, 2014 One Comment

Cellular Smart Home ControlSmart home control is revolutionizing vacation rental management.

However, this is an organic revolution that is growing in such a way that you may overlook it on an everyday basis.

You see the need everyday…

You get the picture. 🙂

That’s just a normal day on the job for vacation rental managers.

But many VRM’s are leveraging smart home technology to create a new normal. A more efficient normal. A more profitable normal. A normal that has a much higher client satisfaction.

Blinded by the everyday tasks, smart home control is growing all around you.

Big brands (Apple, Google, etc.) are joining the smart home arms race, and the mainstream media is trumpeting the benefits to all of your guests and homeowners.

The lack of security in the VR industry will not be tolerated much longer, and your homeowners are already implementing smart home technology to save energy and improve security.

Unfortunately, as your homeowners get out in front of you and adopt smart home technology, this is creating inefficiencies and headaches for you rather than the great improvements you can expect if you take control.

As we hit the fall (the sweet spot for planning), it is the perfect time to remove the everyday blinders and prioritize projects based on the biggest impact on your business and your everyday operations.

What will make the largest impact on your operations?

  • New property management software
  • Updated marketing program
  • Contract addendums
  • In-house vs. outsource laundry
  • New hires/staff reallocation

Hands down, the clear winner is smart home control. No other project will have such a large impact on every facet of your business.

Leveraging the power of smart home technology, VRMs are improving..

  • Operations
  • Experience
  • Security
  • Energy/Cost Savings

The vacation rental industry is growing and maturing at a lightning pace, and as we grow, we are faced with challenges, but more importantly, great opportunities.

Vacation rental smart home control is one of the great(est) opportunities available to catapult VRMs into a new era of management. A new era of efficiency. A new era of client satisfaction. A new (and much needed) standard of care.

You may not realize it YET, but you are making a smart home choice. Either you adopt smart home technology to improve your business. OR your lack of choice becomes a choice.

In the end, the benefits of vacation rental smart home control are undeniable. The revolution is underway. The new standard is being created all around you.

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