sunriver logoI’ve chatted about Sunriver Resort in a past post…

Sunriver was the very first VRM to leverage the power of smart home control for vacation rental management. Here’s a quick recap of how we got started…

Sunriver is like our high school sweetheart. We’ve been “dating” for over a year, and now we get to walk down the isle!

Sunriver was the first vacation rental manager (VRM) we started to work with waaaaaay back in April 2012. We introduced the PointConnect property automation system to the Sunriver management team, and they were head over heels. But…

PointConnect was originally designed for commercial businesses (quick serve restaurants, retail, etc.), so we needed to tweak the system a bit to fit the vacation rental market.

Sunriver tested PointConnect on 20 homes and helped us develop the system to be the perfect fit for vacation rental management.

After a year of testing and developing (by the way, Sunriver’s guests LOVE IT!), Sunriver has expanded the PointConnect system from 20 homes to ALL 220 homes under management!

Of course we need our “high school sweetheart” to offer a GoPro testimonial!

GoPro Testimonials!

We understand the smart home market may seem confusing and a bit complicated. However, as complicated as implementing smart home control may seem at first, it is a very user-friendly process.

But I’m the “sales guy;” I get paid to say that. :)

Rather than taking my word for it, we created a bit of an experiment with a few of our clients.

We purchased a GoPro (as a gift, of course :) ), and sent it to a few clients with a list of questions. In return, we asked that they share their honest opinion of the PointCentral system, the implementation and the benefits they are seeing.

Our goal was to demonstrate that PointCentral is easy AND effective.

Here’s what Sunriver Resort had to say about PointCentral…