Technology Adoption CycleI’ve discussed the technology adoption cycle a few times:

Smart home technology is spreading fast (thanks Google & Apple!), but we are still in the beginning of the technology adoption cycle.

I experience this first hand when I talk with many vacation rental managers for the first time about the benefits the PointCentral system can offer. I get it…there’s a lot to take in….

  • What is a “smart home”?
  • How does the system work?
  • What are the benefits – for guests, VRM, and homeowners?
  • Who installs?
  • Who supports?
  • What hardware is needed?
  • Pricing?
  • Revenue?

Head spinning….

However, in the end, we understand your needs, and as complicated as implementing smart home control may seem at first, it is a very user-friendly process.

But I’m the “sales guy;” I get paid to say that. 🙂

Rather than taking my word for it, we created a bit of an experiment with a few of our clients.

GoPro Testimonials!

Sun Palace logoAwesome right?

We purchased a GoPro (as a gift, of course 🙂 ), and sent it to a few clients with a list of questions. In return, we asked that they share their honest opinion of the PointCentral system, the implementation and the benefits they are seeing.

Our goal was to demonstrate that PointCentral is easy AND effective.

Below is the list of questions that we asked, but let’s get right to the visuals…

Sun Palace Vacation Rentals

We’ll kick it off with Sun Palace Vacations in sunny Ft. Meyers, FL.

LiveRez users, attendees at our first Smart Home Seminar, and avid smart home users. Not to mention drone operators!…love the opening crash. 🙂

PointCentral Client Questions:

  1. What made you decide to convert to Smart Home Control?
  2. Why did you choose to partner with PointCentral?
  3. How do you feel about your installation experience?
  4. Did you consider a Wi-Fi based system, and why did you choose a cellular based system?
  5. How does the conversion to PointCentral compare to other major conversions your company has worked through? – Locks, reservation software, etc.?
  6. Looking back, would you say the conversion was easier than you thought it would be?
  7. How has PointCentral impacted your business?
  8. What does your staff think about the PointCentral system?
  9. How do guests feel about the PointCentral system?
  10. What do your homeowners think about the PointCentral conversion?
  11. Considering the impact on your business, would you say the conversion to PointCentral has been cost affective?
  12. How has your experience been working with the entire PointCentral team?
  13. Can you offer any words of wisdom for other VRMs considering Smart Home Control?