Bennington Properties LogoBennington Properties is located in beautiful Bend, OR.

  • If you’ve never been to Bend, it’s well worth the visit!

Bennington has been in business since 1998 and manages almost 200 vacation rental homes. For years, they offered their guests the convenience of direct-to-house check-in through their “secure” (or not so secure :)) lockbox system.

Bennington recognized the limitations and risks of this lockbox system and knew a change was needed. They researched all of the “keyless” solutions and moved quickly once they found the PointCentral solution.

In the middle of a cold-snap in the winter of 2014 (think -17 degrees!) they embarked on the installation of PointCentral across their full inventory of homes.

Despite the rough conditions, the PointCentral installation team had Bennington fully installed, trained and operational in 8 days!

Since the conversion, Owner/CEO Robert Bennington has been one of the most vocal supporters of PointCentral and the power the system holds for vacation rental managers.

During a recent smart home seminar hosted at Benningtong, Robert made the simple but profound statement that…

“the PointCentral system pays for itself.”

  • Side note: Check out the amazing picture of Crater Lake (below) I snapped during the seminar trip. Seriously, Bend, OR is amazing.

I’m also fond of sharing a great written testimonial we received from Robert:

“The technology that PointCentral has developed is cutting edge and has provided us with exactly the edge we strive for. My team loves the remote access and our ability to monitor temperatures and locks. Our guests love the ease of check-in and check-out and our property owners love the increased security and elimination of keys. We are proud to be one of the first companies to be partnering with PointCentral and this exciting new technology.”

Naturally, Bennington was a perfect fit to offer a GoPro testimonial.

GoPro Testimonials!

We understand the smart home market may seem confusing and a bit complicated. However, as complicated as implementing smart home control may seem at first, it is a very user-friendly process.

But I’m the “sales guy;” I get paid to say that. :)

Rather than taking my word for it, we created a bit of an experiment with a few of our clients.

We purchased a GoPro (as a gift, of course :) ), and sent it to a few clients with a list of questions. In return, we asked that they share their honest opinion of the PointCentral system, the implementation and the benefits they are seeing.

Our goal was to demonstrate that PointCentral is easy AND effective.

Here’s what Bennington Properties had to say about PointCentral…

Crater Lake