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Vacation Rental Security & the Art of War: Why Its Time to Make Your Homes Safe & Secure

By March 17, 2014 4 Comments

Art of WarI’ve written about vacation rental security (or the lack thereof) on a number of occasions. I’ll spare you the rehashing of old ideas.

Suffice it to say, there’s a big gap in security of vacation rental homes. Keys are the devil, floating codes are just as bad as floating keys, yada, yada, yada.

I’ll share some related posts at the bottom to add some additional context to the security discussion.

To start, I’d like to share two quotes from the classic Art of War by Sun Tzu:

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

The Art of War is classic Eastern Philosophy that on the surface focuses on war, but in reality is applicable to all aspects of life…especially business.

Your battlefield is your inventory of vacation rental homes, and your adversary is any element that detracts from a fantastic client (guest or homeowner) experience.

Safety and security are at the core of this fantastic client experience, and at this point, your foe seems to have the upper-hand.

The Vacation Rental Security Reality

Managing vacation rental homes is a difficult job. Unlike those easy hotels managing operations under one roof ;), you need to manage multiple, unique properties covering vast distances. Every aspect of VR operations is insanely difficult.

In addition to challenging operations, a wide variety of people need access to your homes, the homes sit vacant for large sections of time, up-to-the-minute availability calendars are published on websites, and there hasn’t been an effective Access Control system that is affordable and easy to manage.

No wonder the vacation rental security issue has been pushed under the rug for so long. But the reality is, bad stuff happens…

Here is a small sampling of the security issues facing vacation rental homes:

My guess is you may have experienced similar stories in your area. But how do you take control?!

The vacation rental industry battles every day to manage keys/codes, audit locks, and provide security-checks. But that is A LOT of manual effort, and at the end of the day, is it effective?

The above sampling of security stories would indicate these efforts are not providing the security needed.

How does this make guests and homeowners feel? Do your employees and vendors feel safe and secure?


Let’s extend this vacation rental “battlefield” one step further – the court of law. I’m no lawyer, but let’s offer up some questions to consider…

  1. Who is responsible for managing access at your vacation rental homes?
  2. Do guests, homeowners, etc. have a reasonable expectation that access is being controlled in a safe and secure manner?
  3. Does the general public understand the security gaps associated with current vacation rental access management standards?
  4. Do you offer a security disclosure?
  5. If/when something bad happens, who will be liable?
  6. Will your business insurance cover you?
The Time Has Come to Take Control of Vacation Rental Security

You battle every day to manage insanely difficult operations, and one of the most thankless tasks is managing manual security precautions that seem to be ineffective.

The great news is that in the midst of this chaos is BIG opportunity. Opportunity to manage the battlefield and create victory without facing the every day battles.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Keyless access control, real-time access history, and self-monitored security are a MUST as the vacation rental industry grows and matures.

To compete with hotels, VRMs will need to offer the same level of safety and security. Keys falling into the hands of bad guys will not offer the protection that is needed.

PointCentral smart home control can provide this level of control and improved operations.


Smart Home Control

Smart Home Control


Eliminate the Risk & Hassle of Keys with Smart Home Control

Improve security, reduce liability, streamline operations & cut costs. 

Smart Access Control:

  • Simplified access management
  • Keyless access
  • Single PIN access to all properties
  • Wireless guest check-in/out notifications
  • Housekeeping & inspection completion status
  • Add/delete guest, employee & vendor PINs remotely
  • No PIN change for reservation modifications
  • Simple installation—no door modification needed
  • Access information by property, user, date & time
  • Set alerts for unauthorized user access

Take Control of Your Homes

  • No WiFi management (cellular based system)
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Revenue opportunity
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