Vacation Rental Housekeeping is Insanely Difficult! Smart Home Control Can Help.

By March 7, 2014 17 Comments

VRM Status Quo

Checkout at 10 am.

Check-in at 4 pm.

300 homes.

50 miles of territory.

Holy moly!!

This is a relatively standard perspective of the monster task facing the vacation rental housekeeping staff on busy turn-over days.

After spending my time in the trenches with an Outer Banks VRM, I’ve often commented that it is impossible to understand the full magnitude of magically turning an inventory of homes from vacation nightmare to vacation ready.

Hats off to each and every housekeeping member that makes this magic happen.

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a day with these VRM workhorses at the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP) seminar on the Outer Banks. It’s clear that it takes a special breed to make sure the guests’ first impression is top-notch.

Housekeeping is not a glamorous job, but at the end of the day, clean homes will make or break a vacation…and ultimately make or break a VRM.

I recently came across a good blog post discussing the importance of great (not just good) housekeeping, and love the overall message:

Go Big or Go Home.

Housekeeping needs to be done right – every time. If not, you’ll hear about it…a lot…loudly.

Not only does your housekeeping staff deserve a HUGE pat on the back, but they also need every advantage you can give them.

Housekeeping is fighting an uphill battle every time they clock in, and every second counts. In a recent post I discussed the idea that inefficient operations are costing VRMs big-time, and your housekeeping processes are some of the biggest offenders.

Smart Home Control can improve turn-over efficiency and add hours to your day.

Be ready to clean as soon as the guest walks out the door!

Do you wait until checkout time to start cleaning?! Sure, if you see keys returned in the morning, you’ll try to mobilize a team quickly. But that’s not very efficient, and the majority of homes could still be sitting vacant with no cleaners in sight…especially if they are keyless (or on a lockbox…gasp!).

You need to know your guests have checked out as soon as they walk out that front door. Then your housekeeping staff can be ready to roll as soon as they are notified…automatically, by the way. 😉

Let’s take a quick view of this turn-over process with PointCentral Smart Home Control.

PointCentral Turn-over Process

1. Guest checks out using the keyless lock on the front door.
2. PointCentral automatically notifies the housekeeping staff the guest has checked (immediately, in real-time, NOW). This notification is on the Operations Dashboard and can also be email and/or text.
3. Housekeeping rolls to the house immediately.

  • Side note: Think about the added time if you know a guest checks out the night before! One of our clients is creating an on-call housekeeping team that will roll to the house as soon as notified of a checkout – 2 AM, no problemo. We’re talking about guest satisfaction and hours of added time. It’s worth the effort.

4. Housekeeping enters using the keyless lock (every access is tracked in real-time). The Operations Dashboard is updated to let you know Housekeeping is in progress.
5. Housekeeper checkouts at the keyless lock on the front door. Operations Dashboard updated that cleaning is complete.
6. Inspectors are automatically notified that cleaning is complete and the house is ready for inspection.
7. Inspector enters using the keyless lock, and the Operations Dashboard is updated that Inspection is in progress.
8. Inspector checkouts at the keyless lock. Operations Dashboard is updated the house is ready!

All automatic. All real-time. All notified on multiple platforms.

9. The cherry on top – the happy guest can now have their check-in time moved up (without changing their code), and you will be automatically notified the first time they use their code. I.E. Your guest has now checked in!

PointCentral Operations Dashboard

Vacation Rental Operations Dashboard

Technology is pretty awesome. Let’s use it to make us better at what we do!

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