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The “Secret Sauce” for Vacation Rental Smart Energy Management: Occupancy-Based Automation & Revenue Opportunity

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Energy MoneyEditor’s Note:

Part II of our VRM Smart Energy Management series. See Part I here. Onward!

VRM Smart Energy Management: The “Secret Sauce”
Occupancy-Based Automation

As you discovered in Part I, PointCentral gives VRMs the ability to remotely monitor AND control HVAC and pool heat…across ALL homes.

  • Save trips to the homes
  • No more disgruntled homeowners
  • Proactive maintenance

Awesome! But here’s the real magic…

Occupancy Based HVAC Automation

Automate HVAC based on occupancy across EVERY home. Set it & forget it.

  • Determine heat & cool set points
  • PointCentral knows when your homes are occupied vs. unoccupied
  • PointCentral automatically adjusts the HVAC to your set points based on occupancy

Done & done.

Revenue Opportunity

In addition to all the greatness we’ve already covered, how about a revenue opportunity?


  • No upfront capital investment for VRM or homeowner
  • Full turn-key installation
  • 3-year hardware financing
  • Energy savings of 10-15%+ (see Part III for our case study)
  • Ex.: If average energy bill is $150 per month, homeowners can expect to save $17.50 per month.

Would an energy savings of $20 per month be worth spending $15 per month for homeowners? Quick math says yes.

This leaves a great revenue opportunity for you – resell a service that your homeowners greatly want/need!

Go green. Create Revenue. Improve efficiency.

[Watch] Vacation Rental Smart Energy Management: All Star Vacation Homes CEO, and former VRMA President, Steve Trover discusses the impact of PointCentral energy management.

Coming up:

Part III: VRM Case Study

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