Vacation Rental Management

“Switching to PointCentral has absolutely revolutionized our growing company’s keyless entry management and home automation needs! We had tried 3-4 different keyless systems through the years and PointCentral has far exceeded any expectations we had. We are so happy with all aspects of this product; from the phenomenal customer service we continuously receive, to the general ease of navigating through the PointCentral website, and the multitude of benefits our company and operations have seen in transitioning to this software system has been nothing short of a great experience! I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the vacation rental industry.”

Tiffany DeanRaileyVacations

“In late 2016 we previewed other keyless entry technology solutions at that year’s Homeaway user conference. We quite quickly became convinced that PointCentral was the solution for us. Their solution was based on the tried and tested cellular network technology. There are fewer devices (less points of failure) because their smart-looking PointHub panel can be mounted in proximity to the front door locks.

From the start of successful installation, there has been no downtime at any one of our homes. We feel PointCentral helped us not to have to worry anymore about keyless entry management anymore. We look forward to integrating additional smart home technologies offered by PointCentral such as thermostats and door sensors to better manage our AC cooling expenses.”


“Installing PointCentral smart home technology in our rental properties was a fabulous decision. Their key-less entry solution, along with the LSI Readiness Plus software integration, has transformed our Saturday phone calls from the busiest day of the week to one of the quietest. Our guests love the convenience of heading straight to their rental home as soon as they receive their house ready notification, arriving to an automatically set comfortable temperature. Our owners love the security of a digital footprint and our vendors are thrilled there are no more keys to keep up with! The process was painless, and the support is first class. We’re PointCentral fans forever!”

Rachele HobbsHobbs Realty

“We went with Rently initially because of cost, which turned out to be one of those “you get what you pay for situations” and boy, did they ever give it to us. Nothing was syncing back and forth between their system and ours. And if we got a last- minute booking the day of arrival, it was virtually impossible for them to generate a code for the lock. I couldn’t believe it. Another annoying thing involved one of the locks that just kept malfunctioning. We would call support, which turned out to be some random guy roaming around California—not a team of people to help us. He finally called us back and his advice was to hit the lock with a hammer. I kid you not. So, we did what he told us—we actually hit it with a hammer, and it started working. We ended up having to do that multiple times, until we switched over to PointCentral.

PointCentral was very helpful during the switch. We found out that Rently had sold us old, outdated locks where the chips were hard wired into the motherboard, so that forced me to buy all new locks. PointCentral also helped us with this. Everything is working great. We’re already getting messages from homeowners saying ‘what company is this, where did you get this stuff?’ I am wildly impressed.”

Darbi BoltonStay Local Nashville

“I first signed on with Rently for a Smart Home solution that would work with my condos and my Streamline software. They mailed me one of their units and I quickly realized they weren’t totally integrated with Streamline. So, I contacted PointCentral and they sent me a demo unit that I could try out. I was blown away. As it turned out, within about two days after working with the PointCentral lock, I ordered more. It was an easy decision. I have had no technical issues whatsoever, and the integration with Streamline is working great. I’m really excited about working with PointCentral.”

Tyrone KemperOrleans Vacation Rentals

“We have phased out of our Kaba locks and switched to PointCentral, which we have installed in about 350 of our properties. The system is much more reliable because it’s cellular-based and not Wi-Fi like our Kaba locks were. We don’t have to worry about routers dropping off anymore. And the diagnostics allow us to see what is going on with the system without having to send someone out. The PointCentral system has greatly streamlined our check-in days. Guests are automatically notified when their property is ready and they can head straight to the house and not have to stop at the office to pick up a key. We used to have so many people waiting in our office that we started grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for them. Now we don’t have to bother with that.”

Brennan JonesSeaside Vacations

“PointCentral gives us the ability to continue to drive toward the goal of providing revenue for our owners while protecting their properties at the same time. PointCentral has made a tremendous difference in our 24-7 Client Services department. For example, when we get a plumbing call and need a contractor out to the property, we go into our PointCentral online system and generate a unique user code for the contractor, which is only valid for a specified period of time. The minute that code is used, we receive an alert that tells us the contractor is at the property. This has helped to strengthen our partnerships with our vendors. It’s a win-win situation as they don’t have to go to the office to pick up or drop off keys, and we don’t have to worry about access issues. Operationally, the visibility that we’ve gotten from our PointCentral Smart Home system has been outstanding.”

Scott FasanoVantage Resort Realty

“After 3 months of discussions with PointCentral, it became apparent that if we wanted to be the market leader in our area, then we needed to partner with the market leader in the electronic access market.

We were naturally very hesitant, and concerned, to embark on the switchover from our previous electronic lock provider to PointCentral. Our main concerns were guest disruption, guests being locked out of their homes and switch over of technology that required physical hub/gateway changes. We just didn’t believe that there was nothing to worry about and it would be seamless - nothing with technology is ever seamless.

After we’d made the decision to push the button, we quickly realized that we had nothing to worry about. Not one guest was disrupted. Not one guest was locked out of their home. It really was as easy as 1-2-3. 1.) Un-enroll devices from previous provider. 2.) Re-enroll z-wave devices with PointCentral hub. 3.) Sit back and watch PointCentral issue new codes to incoming guests.

Our hands were held the entire time by PointCentral’s incredible support team. To this day, we have only one regret... WHY didn’t we do this sooner? Overnight, we’ve changed from a Ford to a Rolls Royce and could not be happier with the product, service and support that PointCentral offers us.”

Alistair Barrett-PowellThe VIR Group

“I was at our reservation desk one day when a guest called in to let us know the air conditioning wasn’t cooling properly. So we went online to look. This particular property has three thermostats. We could see that the downstairs thermostat was going up a degree every 30 seconds. The reservationist asked the guest to check the bottom level entry door. While they were on the phone, the guest went downstairs and discovered the door was wide open. Normally, that would have resulted in a call to maintenance and a tech driving over there, only to find the door open. But we were able to troubleshoot it over the phone, which wouldn’t have been possible without the real-time data PointCentral provides.”

Laik Le PeraVillage Realty

“We are using PointCentral locks to sign up new owners. I have been told that we were the company of choice and the locks and technology had a big part to play in their decision.”

Linda SylvesterGreat Vacation Retreats

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how helpful we considered PointCentral during Hurricane Irma. There were a few things that made our lives easier and safer during the storm and the recovery.

We were able to see the lock status from wherever we were. We had staff spread all throughout the southeastern United States and they were able to login, make changes and tell me whether we had power or not. That was definitely the best feature. The ability to see which units had power, which units had been entered last, when the last power failure was recorded, etc. all made the job of recovery easier to prioritize. We were also able to communicate with the locks when the power, internet and other communications were down. We were able to get local law enforcement into homes quickly that had power so that they had a comfortable place to stay instead of the offices and cars they were sleeping in. We were able to track which homes that we had entered for inspection and which units were clean.

It will be my proposal to Vacasa that they put these locks systems in place in all of their homes as they proved very useful and efficient for us. We are working towards a complete recovery now and as I think of more I will send it but thank you for what PointCentral has already provided and contributed to our recovery!”

Rick HaskinsKey West Vacation Rentals Powered by Vacasa

“I appreciate that you let us be so involved in helping you by taking part in your beta programs and listening to our ravings. We love our partnership with you and really enjoy telling other folks about how wonderful you are to us!”

Janie SmithBennington Properties

“I wanted to touch base and let you know since our install date in December, we have been over the moon happy with our PointCentral locksets. I’m so amazed at the convenience of them and our guests love them!”

Danielle JohnsonManzanita Beach Getaway

“When we signed with Parakeet, we started with a small pilot program and only installed their technology in 10 or 12 units. We immediately encountered problems. We’re out on an island in Texas and cell service can be spotty at times. There were a lot of issues with the devices communicating with the hub, which forced us to use repeaters. We were constantly updating, uninstalling and reinstalling software. It was very unreliable and very frustrating.

After almost a year of that, we switched to PointCentral and never looked back. We have had zero issues – none whatsoever. We are very pleased. The devices communicate with each other perfectly, and we haven’t had to use repeaters or range extenders of any kind in our condos. It has been extremely reliable. Switching to PointCentral was a great decision.”

Tom GoodmanPadres Island Rentals

“PointCentral has been phenomenal supporting the hardware and software, and your quick assistance and that of Scott's is a perfect example of the commitment to service PointCentral practices.”

Laura LeeAlpine Ski Properties

“Your team at the call center is TOP NOTCH. These guys and gals are pretty much always available, they are quick to problem solved and they really know their stuff! Please pass along my congratulations to them as they really do go above and beyond and we are very grateful!”

Cody GayTybee Beach Vacation Rentals

“My name is Rob Phillips with Sea Coast Vacation Rentals in Carolina Beach. Investing in Point Central cellular locking systems on our Vacation Rental properties has benefited our customer services in many ways. This is a cellular system that works virtually anywhere without interruption. Even when the power goes out the guest code is stored in the locks memory and will work as long as there are working batteries in the lock. We now offer our guests entry if they forgot their code through the Point Central App at any time of the day or night at the click of a button.

The Point Central system allows us to program specific codes for contractors and allows us to track who enters the unit and at what time. One of my favorite features is that the Point Central software communicates with our booking software so when a guest reservation is made a unique guest code is generated, the code is only valid during the guests stay and expires at check-out. The guests also receive an automatic email providing their user code so they may arrive directly at their vacation destination.

Our plan is to have all our Vacation Rental Properties on the Point Central system within the next year! Thank you Stevan Henning from Point Central for your exceptional service we look forward to our continued business relationship!

Book direct and save on your next beach vacation at”

Rob PhillipsSea Coast Vacation Rentals

“I am writing to let Everyone know how Point central has made my life and those of owners and renters easier. No more keys ( as our property was still on keyed locks) and no more locked out calls. This has been a great experience all around, during the installation and setup process.

Stevan, Lee and the Tech support were great and have still continued to be great, I would and have recommended Point Central to others.

Thank you Stevan and tech support for your continued support and always being willing to go the extra mile.”

Tiffany ScottLighthouse Point Condos

Single-Family Rentals

“Since we started using the PointCentral system, we’ve seen our appliance vandalism rate drop from one call per week to nearly zero. We’re also saving a ton of time that used to be spent managing the hassle of keys.”

Richard B.Leasing Manager

“We believe our Smart Homes are revolutionizing the single-family rental experience while allowing us to drive expense savings, achieve productivity gains, and create an efficient and enjoyable leasing experience.”

Justin I.Executive Vice President

“Before we installed the PointCentral smart home system we would have vendors or employees turn the air conditioning or the heat way up while they were in the vacant property. That might mean the HVAC system ran for days before someone else was there. Now we know the temperature schedule will be automatically re-set every couple of hours. It is a huge savings for us.”

Steve M.Senior Field Operations Manager