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Smart Wireless Testimonial: The Benefits of PointCentral Smart Control Solutions for Business

By October 21, 2014 No Comments

at&t retailerSmart Control is getting a lot of attention based on the benefits of home automation, but what about Smart BUSINESS Control?!

Smart control solutions offer an amazing impact on business operations when you take the residential benefits and multiply it by 2, 200, or 2000+ properties…all controlled from one dashboard.

Smart Control on an “enterprise” level is pretty amazing.  

But don’t just take our word for it. Businesses are leveraging the power of PointCentral smart control solutions everyday…

GoPro Testimonials!

Awesome right?

We purchased a GoPro (as a gift, of course :) ), and sent it to a few clients with a list of questions. In return, we asked that they share their honest opinion of the PointCentral system, the implementation and the benefits they are seeing.

Our goal was to demonstrate that PointCentral is easy AND effective.

Smart Wireless – Portland, OR

Smart Wireless is an AT&T retailer based in Portland, OR. They were faced with the daily challenges of Access Control and Energy Management across their 50 locations.

Here’s what VP of Facilities has to say about PointCentral…