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Smart Home Control Over-Hyped? No Way! [And the Biggest of the Big Brands Agree.]

By September 7, 2014 No Comments
Awesome movie!

Awesome movie!

Is the Internet of Things the most over-hyped technology right now?!


I’ll elaborate on my short answer. But first, let’s build a bit of a background…

I recently came across an article that originated on The Guardian and was shared by Tnooz (“News and analysis about travel technology”). The article makes the claim that the Internet of Things is waaay over-hpyped, and Tnooz’ stance (albeit vague) seems to be that the article has a point – especially in travel.

I’ve touched on media coverage of the smart home a few times (including discussion of Apple vs. Google) I admit, I’m on the technology side, and could be a bit biased :), but the media coverage always seems pretty neutral and perhaps a bit towards the negative. For every “it’s going to save the world” claim (usually made by technology companies :)), there seems to be at least one detractor that points out the current limitations (or perceived limitations) in a similar fashion to this article…lack of standardization, changing technology, security risks, etc.

A pragmatic perspective is great. A realistic view is a necessity and often bets on the right horse.

VHS is dead and there are plenty of .com causalities to demonstrate the nay-sayers have plenty of opportunities in the spotlight.

But there are also giant leaps forward that are unexpected or unrecognized until they are already in the rear view mirror.

The Internet of Things may just speed right past some analysts.

In my recent post discussing Apple’s jump into the smart home market, I mentioned that the at-home use of the Internet of Things is still a bit of a grey area. Clearly it’s gaining huge momentum, but there is time and effort needed to understand and maintain the system.

Is the investment (time and money) worth the return?

Personally, I use my smart home system everyday – no keys, control HVAC, turn lights on and off and monitor through my image sensor…all from my smart phone (also considered over-hyped at one point, mind you!). I would have a hard time turning back to my pre-smart home life.

But I get that we may not have passed the mainstream tipping point yet. Perhaps the article has a point?

If the argument is that the Internet of Things is not mainstream yet, ok, I can agree. But the article goes beyond that. It puts…

the technology at five to 10 years from actual productivity.

Smart is More than Just a Home. The SMART Business is Taking Shape

Smart home technology is having an amazing impact on businesses. Now.

As noted in a smart home article in Forbes, there are “specific reasons to add automation.” Businesses handle these specific reasons every day – tracking employees, managing energy, monitoring systems, streamlining processes, cutting costs.

Smart home technology is super cool at your house. But do you need it? Probably not – not today anyway.

But business? Yeah, businesses NEED smart home technology to provide adequate security, differentiate from the competition, cut costs, and improve operations.

PointCentral smart control solutions is helping to improve business operations across the country.

Today. Not some far off future waiting to be developed. Now. As I bang on this keyboard.

A quick example: We just wrapped up the summer and sent the kids back to school. Over the past three months, a huge amount of travelers packed up their family trucksters and headed to a vacation rental home to enjoy a summer vacation. Smart home technology helped improve the vacation rental experience and boost management efficiencies for a large chunk of the vacationing public.

PointCentral is helping vacation rental managers across the country manage a wide variety of homes across vast distances – all through the magic of smart home technology.

A “specific need” to automate being used to it’s full potential!

Productivity fulfilled.

Today. Not in 5-10 years.

The Biggest of the Big Brands Agree

I’ve discussed Apple and Google…

I’ve also mentioned Disney’s HUGE investment in smart technology. And a week ago I got to experience it…

Disney Magic Band

A vacation rental conference at Disney, and I wore the “Magic Band” to maneuver around Mickey’s smart home.

That photo is the “Magic Band” and the packaging for every guest. Access your room, gates, park attractions, spend money, etc.

Clearly Disney believes smart technology is here to stay…and productive.

Smart Home Control – for Business!

PointCentral is focused on bringing the amazing residential smart home technology to commercial businesses. And the impact is BIG.

The smart home offers an amazing impact on business operations when you take the residential benefits and multiply it by 2, 200, or 2000+ properties…all controlled from one dashboard.

Home automation on an “enterprise” level is pretty amazing. :)

I’ve discussed the great benefits of smart home control for businesses in a variety of previous posts. Rather than rehashing the ideas here, I’ll cut it short and list related posts below.


In short, the smart home/internet of things is not over-hyped. It will meet and exceed expectations…perhaps it already has.

Productivity is already being realized. Leveraging the power of smart home technology, businesses are improving..

  • Operations
  • Experience
  • Security
  • Energy/Cost Savings

One final note to keep your interest peaked. How is PointCentral able to focus on “enterprise” smart home technology while everyone else is onlyfocused on your primary residence?

When will the mass media realize the benefit of smart home technology to businesses?! Major publications are missing the forest through the trees.

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